• ERA-PRDCR Motion Alarm Kit Designed for Businesses & Warehouses Desktop Receiver ERA-PRDCR Motion Alarm Kit Designed for Businesses & Warehouses

    Always know when a customer or visitor enters your space with a 4,000 FOOT RANGE commercial entrance alert.  Our most popular Motion Alarm Kit Designed for Businesses & Warehouses comes with 1 Motion Sensor and 1 Chime Receiver.  Simply mount the sensor over (or beside) the entrance to be monitored and plug in the chime receiver wherever you need to hear the notification.

    Perfect for retail locations or offices to improve customer service and employee safety.  Add on additional sensors (ERA-PIR) to monitor multiple doors.  Plug-in additional chime receivers (ERA-DCRX, ERA-RXPG, & ERA-VPRX) to hear the chime in multiple locations – stock rooms, offices, and warehouses.  Consider the ERA-UTDCR Warehouse & Business Wireless Doorbell Kit Designed for Business Use if you have an entrance where the door is usually closed.  Never be caught off guard again.  

    Model: ERA-PRDCR
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  • ERA-PRDCR-STROBE Warehouse & Business Motion Entry Alert Strobe Chime Kit ERA PRDCR STROBE B 1

    When you have a door that sometimes stays open, have an open area you would like to monitor, or simply prefer a motion-based sensor rather than a door/window contact, the ERA-PRDCR-STROBE is a great choice.  When triggered by heat and motion, the PIR sensor will transmit a wireless signal up to 4,000 ft. to the remote plug-in receiver where a selected chime sound will play and the connected strobe will flash.  The product is great when you need a bright visual indication when motion is detected. 

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