RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug-in Wireless Doorbell & Nightlight Kit


RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug-in Wireless Doorbell & Nightlight Kit


What a combo…a nightlight and wireless doorbell!  Plug into any standard wall 120 V outlet and get the benefit of a night light and door chime.  When someone rings your front door, the door chime plays one of 13 classic door chime tunes.  If that weren’t enough, this kit has a range, from transmitter to receiver, of up to 250 ft., making it suitable for any residential application.

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A Plugin Door Chime with LED Night Light by Carlon (Dimango)

Carlon has shown its ingenuity for home products once again with the wireless doorbell, nightlight combination.  The RC3256 is a long range wireless doorbell that does double-duty– without complaining! Similar to the RC3250 plug in wireless door chime, this kit features one wireless push button and one receiver.

*Note:  this is a receiver only.  Please see RC3301 or RC4121 compatible push buttons to complete the kit.

Set Up this Wireless Chime Kit in Seconds

Like all the Dimango/Carlon chime products, there’s no wiring needed!   Simply plug the receiver into a standard 120 V outlet and mount your door chime button with the included double sided tape or mounting screws and you are up and running.  The chime works flawlessly right out of the box.   Need an extra wireless push button? No problem, simply add a Carlon or Dimango branded wireless button and change the tune that the button plays.  It just doesn’t get any easier.

A perfect marriage–a plug-in doorbell with a built-in nightlight! 

Carlon has been known for years as being one of the most innovative companies in the wireless door chime world.  Not only are they innovative (nightlight wireless chime), their chimes are the most reliable wireless products made today–bar none.

The RC3250 is Carlon’s standard wireless doobell kit.   What makes their products a great choice is that they have multiple styles of doorbell receivers and push buttons available to use that are all cross-compatible with one another.  What they did with the RC3256 is add an LED night light on the bottom portion of their standard plug-in door chime receiver.

Plug these in in hallways or dark areas where you need light to help guide your way.

The RC3256 produces great sound quality.

With a volume control setting of low, medium, or high, you can adjust the volume for the level you need. The nightlight is powered by an always cool to the touch LED that will last for years.

The RC3256 features a wireless, easy to install design. Simply mount the door chime button with the included hardware and plug in the receiver to a standard outlet. You can add more receivers throughout your home, or even use the waterproof battery powered version out on your patio.

The kit ships with one long range wireless door chime transmitter and one plugin doorbell receiver. The trasmitter (buzzer button) ships with the battery installed.

Plugin Night Light Wireless Doorbell Receiver

  • This plugin chime features a 2-1/4″ speaker that offers crystal clear sound. The receiver is similar to the RC3253 receiver from a functionality perspective.
  • The receiver emits a bright nightlight that is powered by a long-lasting LED bulb.  There is no auto-sensor on this nightlight, it always stays on.  Because it is LED, it won’t burn out, and consumes minimal electricity.
  • 32 variable codes block interference from other devices.
  • The system ships with the RC4121, a long range wireless transmitter button.
  • The receiver is capable of playing thirteen different tunes (see below) and are set and changed at the buzzer button.
  • The RC4121 transmitter creates a system with an operating range of up to 250 ft.
  • Two year warranty by Thomas and Betts.

To listen to the different melodies this door chime will play, please visit our “FAQ” page, then the “Door Chime Sounds” link.

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Customer Reviews

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Wireless doorbell and nightlight kit

The package arrived on time and was as described. It worked immediately.

Great product, I recommend to anyone who wants or needs a wireless doorbell.

Great product, I recommend to anyone who wants or needs a wireless doorbell. Shipping was super fast also, and you can't beat the fact this one even has a night light which is very helpful depending on where you install the receiver. Thx 1800DOORBELL.

My first door bell works great

My first door bell works great

The service over the phone was wonderful, since it seems that other seller's just let you figure ...

The service over the phone was wonderful, since it seems that other seller's just let you figure it out for yourself. I would have provided 5 stars, but then the system didn't quite have the range I was expecting. Very possibly not an issue with the system as much as it could be an issue with interference within my house, but frustrating none the less.

I never write reviews on products but after reading the first review of this product, I though I ...

I never write reviews on products but after reading the first review of this product, I though I would offer one since I am reordering.rnrnObviously i like the product since I am reordering :) the chime part is the RC3253 (I use them to in our office) but this one has a flashing light. I prefer the privacy codes where they are on the Carlon products because if you accidentally change it, it then become incompatible with your other products. Anyway, how hard is it to unplug the door chime, flip it over and change the code? It is loud and has the flashing light.

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