PL-318 Skylink Light Control Receiver w/ Dimming Ability


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Available as an add-on to the Skylink HomeControl series of products, this is the a lighting control receiver used to control a lamp or other lighting-type appliance with a max load of 300W.  Using a compatible Skylink remote control transmitter, control a light connected to this receiver up to 500 feet away.

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We are happy to carry the HomeControl product line from Skylink.  Customers call all the time searching for a lighting control device they can use to turn their incandescent lights on and off, as well as dim.  A nice feature about this receiver is it can also dim CFL bulbs that are dimmable.

This is not a product you can use by itself.  It must be used alongside a compatible Skylink receiver like the T-318 series of remote controls.  If you are searching for a complete kit (receiver and remote) to control a lamp, we recommend the SK-1 Lighting Control Kit.  If currently have a Skylink receiver, this product, the PL-318 may be used to expand your kit or replace an existing receiver.

This is a plug-in receiver that plugs into a standard 12V AC outlet.  Once plugged in, plug the lighting device (lamp) into the side of the PL-318 receiver.  The receiver can controls up to a 300W load, 500 feet (line of site) from compatible remote control device.  The PL-318 can communicate with up to 8 different transmitters like additional remote controls, motion sensors, door/window contacts, etc.

The PL-318 has three different operating modes based on how you want to use the device.  Most common is “Regular Mode” which sets the receiver for use a basic home lighting control device.  Flashing alert mode is how you would set the receiver when you want to use it as more of an alert notification device.  As an example, when paired with a compatible motion sensor, the receiver will make a connected lamp flash to notify you that motion was detected.  The third operating mode is a countdown timer mode.  This enables you to set a lamp, for example, to turn itself off after a predetermined time period.

  • PL-318 is a receiver that must be used with a compatible remote control device
  • Plugs into standard 120VAC outlet
  • Accepts up to 300W lighting load
  • Range of up to 500 ft.
  • Turns lights on and off and dims (when compatible bulbs are used for dimming)
  • Rolling code technology ensure privacy
  • Three operating modes; regular, flashing, countdown timer modes
  • Communicates with up to 8 different transmitters
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Manufactured by Skylink

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