Alarm Lock PILFER-EXIT Pilferguard Exit Alarm Exit Alarm Strobe and No Strobe



The PG10 and LL1 by Alarm Lock are exit door alarm that are durable, surface mounted used to monitor the unauthorized use of exit doors.  Simple to operate and easy to mount, use this exit alert to monitor the use of emergency exits, fire escapes or other doors that should not be used without prior authorization.


The PG10 and LL1 (model with strobe light) are great products for new and retrofit installations to monitor the unauthorized use of exit doors.  When someone opens a door when the exit door alarm is armed, a blaring 110dB siren sounds alerting you the door has been opened.  This product is great for emergency stairwells, fire escapes, back theater doors, restaurant doors, etc.

The PG10 and LL1 are powered by the Alarm Lock BP6 6-volt battery pack (supplied),which provides an expected 2-year battery life, and optional AC power supply is available for an addtional price.

The PG10 and LL1 sounds a twin action alarm when opened.  The alarm may be bypassed from the inside or the outside using a key from a standard mortise cylinder (not included).

The unit is mounted to the surface of the door or door frame and is extremely durable.  The exit door alarm features two tamper switches to prevent someone trying to remove the device or bypass the alarm without a key.

The two different models offered here are the PG10 and the LL1.  The only difference between these two models is that the LL1 features an amber strobe providing a visual alarm indicator along with the twin action alarm sound.



Strobe Option