Black Wireless Push Button – LRA-PBTX Long Range Button by Safeguard Supply

Black Wireless Push Button – LRA-PBTX Long Range Button by Safeguard Supply


Black outdoor rated wireless push button with a 1,000 ft. range.  Compatible with the Safeguard Supply LRA series of products.

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The LRA-PBTX is a black wireless push button by Safeguard Supply compatible with all LRA products.  Simply pair the push button with a receiver, such as the LRA-DCRX and mount the push button on your exterior wall using the included mounting screws or double-sided tape.

With a 1,000 ft. wireless range (line of sight) this wireless button offers the power needed for larger homes, homes with a lot of brick or stucco, or even larger businesses.  Although the distance from the push button to the receiver in your specific situation may not be that far, the fact is that most wireless signal will be dramatically reduced by the building materials in your home or office.  For example, the rule of thumb is that most exterior walls will reduce the signal’s transmission range by 30%-40%.  A thick concrete wall will reduce the signal even more.  Each interior wall will reduce the signal by another 20%-30%.  Using these numbers, it is easy to see why you need a more powerful, longer range wireless chime product than you initially thought.

Setting the wireless doorbell button is easy.  Each LRA receiver, such as the LRA-DCRX has four zones.  Each transmitter (like a this push button) will pair to a zone on the receiver, meaning each receiver can pair or program to a total of four transmitters.  Each zone on your receiver has a small, LED indicator light that flashes when the corresponding transmitter is triggered, and play a distinct melody you selected when programming the unit.

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  • Dimensions: 3.48”(H) x 1.34”(W) x .73”(D)
  • Range – 1,000 ft. (line of sight) from PBTX to a compatible LRA receiver
  • Powered by CR2032 Battery (included)
  • Outdoor rated
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply

Each LRA receiver (except the LRA-DCRXS) is capable of pairing with 4 different transmitters.  These transmitters can be the LRA-PBTX, LRA-PBTXS, LRA-DCTX, LRA-MSTX and LRA-EXTX.

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