Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor Wall Lights Add Security for Your Home

Outdoor wall lighting comes in a wide variety of styles, finishes, shapes and sizes. Choose from our vast assortment of exterior lights from manufacturers such as Craftmade, Heath-Zenith, Thomas and Betts, and more.

Choosing the right size fixture is just as important as selecting the finish and style. Many people install lights that are too small. Selecting the right lantern will go a long way toward enhancing your entry and the appeal of your lighting.

A good rule-of-thumb is to consider the height of your door when purchasing your outdoor wall lights. If you’re mounting just one light, go for one-third of the door’s height. If you’re mounting a fixture on each side of the door, use ones that are about one quarter the door’s height.

Additional Lighting Information

Entry Installation: Mount your lanterns slightly above eye level with the center of the bulbs about 66” above the door’s threshold. As mentioned above, be sure you choose a fixture that’s in proportion to your door’s height so the light is not too small. The image below shows how your entrance is enriched (and better illuminated) with the larger fixtures.

outdoor wall lights diagram

These lanterns are too small for this door’s height. With double lanterns, choose ones ¼ the door’s height. If you are in doubt about which outdoor light to choose, go with a larger one, rather than smaller. From 50 feet away, lanterns appear to be about half their size. For the best curb appeal, take a look at your home from the street as visitors would view it and visualize which size and style works best for your home.

Garage Installation: When placing lights around your garage, be sure to consider the size of your garage door. Again, guard against choosing a fixture that is too small. If you have multiple garage doors, mount a light in the break between them as well as one on each side. With a 2-car garage, usually one light on each side is sufficient.

A 1-car garage can be lit from above with a large fixture or one mounted between the house and the garage. Be sure it casts enough light to cover the width of the entire driveway. The same rule-of-thumb for entries works for garage doors as well…. 1/4 to 1/3 the height of the garage door is a good guide.

Other Considerations:

Light Controls: Other than size, style and finish, consider some other features of your exterior lighting. Motion detectors are great for home security and personal safety. Photocells automatically turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn to ensure you have light when you need it and it’s off when you don’t.

Matching your other outdoor lights: Illuminating your entry and driveway is the primary function of your outdoor wall lighting, but enhancing your home’s curb appeal is also important. Choose fixtures that match or complement existing lanterns with current selections from your manufacturer, selecting similar finishes, materials or colors.

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