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Flood & Security Lights

Flood Lights and Outdoor Security Lights

Flood Lights & Outdoor Security Lighting

Flood Lights offer you the ability to shine large pools of bright light that add hours of use to your porch, swimming pool, basketball hoop, deck or any other outdoor recreational area. They also provide an affordable way to enhance the security of your property from wild animals or intruders.

You may be surprised by the wide variety of flood/security light options available as you find the search for the right product for you. It helps to have an idea of your objectives, needs, desired location, lighting features (motion sensors, photocells, etc.), color & finish as well as what bulbs you’ll want to use.

What you Need to Know About Flood & Security Lights


  • Think about where you’d like to position your lights for best results.
  • Determine where you want to shine the light without blinding those who are enjoying the space
  • Ensure that the bulbs are pointing downward at an angle of about 20 degrees
  • Be aware that you’re not pointing the security light into a neighbor’s property
  • Mount your flood lights high enough that no one will tamper with them.  They could become hot and pose a hazard if someone were to touch them.

Motion Sensors: Motion sensors and photocells are features that make your flood lights affordable and convenient to operate. Lights are on only when you want them and automatically turn off when you don’t.

Finishes: Select the finish that best suits the style and exterior paint on your home. These fixtures come in stainless steel, aluminum coated in paint, copper and black.

Installation: You should contact a licensed professional for expert installation.

Types of Bulbs for Flood Lights

Bulbs are an important decision in how your lights perform. Each type of bulb has unique characteristics that determine your cost to operate, safety concerns, brightness and suitability of location.

The most common types of bulbs are:

  • Halogen – Bright, strong, white light, long-lasting bulb, but can become quite hot when in use
  • Sodium Vapor – Very cost-effective, yellowish light; requires a “warm up” period to reach full strength
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) – One of the most commonly used, long-lasting and highly energy-efficient; also require a “warm up” period to reach full power
  • Incandescent – Least energy-efficient, shorten lifespan and poised to be phased out by 2020; brightness depends on the wattage
  • Fluorescent – More expensive than incandescent but can last 10 times as long; very bright light
  • LED – Reach maximum brightness instantly; more expensive but last an extremely long time
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