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Start planning now for the holidays!  Our beautiful window candles add a simple, and timeless touch to any home.  All the candles below are battery operated and feature a "dusk to dawn" photocell that turns the candles on at night and off in the morning.  This feature extends the battery life.  Couple that with the LED bulbs, which consume very little energy, ensure these candles will last throughout the holiday season without having to change the batteries.

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Model Type of Candle Flame Color Notes
FPC1520 Single candle with base White Basic base available in three colors; Light flickers when turned on
FPC1320 Single candle with base Amber & White Basic base available in three colors; Light flickers when turned on
FPC1525 Single candle with base White & Yellow Base available in three colors and has a finger loop
FPC1225 Single candle with base Yellow Base available in three colors and base has a finger loop
FPC1330 Three candles with base Amber & White 3-Candle base available in 3 color choices

Flameless LED Window Candles are perfect for decorating any home over the holidays!

Decorate your home beautifully with our safe flame-less candles.  These are battery-powered candles that use LED bulbs.  They produce a realistic, life-like flame.  Flameless LED candles are packed with features and are manufactured by Carlon who simply makes the best on the market. We have a full selection of battery-operated and plug-in LED candles available.  Choose from pillar candles, votives, tapers, and more! Carlon has been a long-time innovator in the LED candle market, and if you have ever owned these candles, you know how beautiful they look.  Most feature an LED bulb that will burn for over 10,000 hours. Because they are LED, they will always stay cool to the touch. One of the most important aspects of LED bulbs is that they have less of a power draw than incandescent bulbs.  This means you won't have to change the battery as often.  Couple that with the fact that most of these Carlon Holiday Candles feature a timer and/or photocell that will help promote battery life, and your candles will stay burning for months.

How Our Window Candles Are Different:
  • Carlon has been the industry leader in this field for over 20 years.  You are getting a quality flameless candle with a warranty to back it up.
  • LED candle bulbs are available with a white LED or orange LED to fit your needs and personal preference.
  • LED flame-less candles never get hot, stay cool-to-the-touch.  LED requires minimal battery draw, extending the life of your batteries.
  • Bases are available in different colors to compliment your style.
  • Photocell automatically turns the flame on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Candles may be set to continual or "flicker" mode for a realistic effect.
  • Candles fit comfortably on most window sills.