DIY Lighting Controls & LED Flameless Candles

From decorative lanterns to motion-sensing security lighting, you’ll find just the right fixtures to illuminate and accessorize your home. Select from a variety of options to control your lights and bulbs that complement your design.  Save money on your electric bill since LED bulbs burn more efficiently and lighting controls ensure your lights are only on when you need them.

How to decide what to buy? Start by thinking about what type of lighting you need: indoor lights, outdoor lights, nightlights to guide your way, security sensors or specialty, holiday displays. Choose the Type of Lighting You Need Below, you’ll find selections for various types of lighting in and around your home. Click the link in each category for more detailed information to select just the right item(s) to enhance your property.

  • deck-marker-led-deck-light-white-bl600 bl600 led deck marker light product 3 1

    BL600 Battery Operated Deck Marker Lights Available in 3 Finishes


    The BL600 is a battery-operated LED deck marker light that emits a warm white glow to mark objects such as steps, banisters, or columns in dark environments. Available in three colored finishes, these small LED deck lights are lightweight and easy to install.  They feature a photocell to turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn enabling these LED lights to go approximately 1 year without having to change the batteries.

    Model: BL600-SERIES
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  • BL735 Pewter Color Motion Activated LED Deck Marker Light 1 1 1 BL775 Bronze Color Motion Activated LED Deck Marker Light 1 1

    BL700-SERIES Motion Activated LED Deck Lighting Available in Multi-Finishes


    No wiring is needed!  Simply mounted these motion-activated LED lights using the supplied mounting screws or double-sided tape and you have gorgeous LED light illuminating areas that were dark.  Not only do these products light your way, but they may also be used to provide lovely landscape lighting effects.  As a bonus, these lights feature a motion sensor that activates more light when motion is detected.

    Model: BL700-SERIES
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Narrow Down Your Lighting Search

  • How big is the space you want to light?
  • What styles match your décor & style? Do you need mood or task lighting?
  • Will overhead lights work well with other types of lighting?
  • Do want to accent your landscaping or special artwork in your home?
  • Do you need dimmers or other controls?
  • What lighting works best in tight spaces?
  • What’s the best lighting for outdoor entertainment areas?
  • Want motion sensors to illuminate your entry when you arrive home?

More Information about Lighting your Home

Choose from our vast variety of home lighting options to enhance the beauty and safety of your biggest investment. Please contact us for more information or call 1-800-366-7235.

Other Lighting Categories Featured

Flameless Window Candles:

Set these lovely candles on your window sill or decorate your table with these battery-operated outdoor lighting. We carry floodlights, outdoor wall lights, landscape lighting, and porch lights. Many of our outdoor lighting products feature security-related controls like motion activation and dusk-to-dawn timers. Our outdoor wall lighting is a gorgeous collection of designer lighting by Craftmade & other manufacturers.

Battery Operated Lights:

LED battery lights are a quick and easy way to install lights where you wish you had them. Need a light in a coat closet? How about under a cabinet? In a matter of seconds you can with these high-quality LED lights packed with features like timers, auto-shutoff, and LED bulbs that won't get hot or use consumer your batteries as fast as incandescent bulbs.

Lighting Control Products (remotes, dimmers, etc.):

When you need a way to remotely control your lights, add timers, or auto dusk to dawn sensor, check our large inventory of these products. Finding controls for incandescent bulbs is harder and harder, see our collection here:

  • Remote wall switches
  • Retrofit maps with touch dimmers
  • Add auto-sensor and timers to your lights
  • Use remote control to activate your lights

These are just a few of the capabilities offered by the products located in this category.

Christmas Tree Lights Remotes and Controllers:

These products look like ordinary Christmas tree ornaments, but they are much more! Hang them like a regular ornament then plug your Christmas tree lights into it....with a simple touch, you can easily turn your lights on and off. Stop crawling under the tree at night looking for the plug!