Long Range Entry Alert Kit w/ Portable Receiver

Long Range Entry Alert Kit w/ Portable Receiver

A long-range, reliable, doorbell or entrance alert system with a portable receiver designed for businesses, shops, and warehouses.  Use the transmitter as a push button or a door/window contact.

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The LH-2500P is a long range entrance alert kit designed for businesses, shops, and warehouse that features a portable receiver with rechargeable batteries.  You simply can’t find a long range entrance alert product at your local box retailer hardware store because most of these products are geared for residential usage.  This means the range will be 100-300 ft. max, which isn’t powerful enough for commercial environments.  Building materials like concrete, metal, rebar, etc., are all going to interfere with the transmission of wireless products.   To extend over longer ranges and combat interference, you need a powerful product like the LH-2500P.

This kit has a line of sight range (transmitter/sensor to receiver) of up to 2,500 ft.  In most commercial spaces, this provides enough power for you to feel confident that the entrance alert will be a product you can rely on to notify you when someone opens a door or a visitor pushes the button outside.

The kit features the UT-2500 which can work as either a wireless doorbell transmitter or a wireless door/window contact.  As a push button, simply mount the doorbell outside next to the door.  When the visitor pushes the button, the transmitter send a wireless signal to the portable receiver featured in this kit (desktop version is also available).  As a door/window contact, mount the magnet (one of two pieces of the UT-2500) and the larger piece on the door frame.  When the magnetic separates from the transmitter, a signal is sent to the compatible receiver.

Each compatible receiver has four zones, each with a distinct sound.  You can pair multiple sensors/transmitters per zone and/or add additional receivers.

The receiver in this kit is the PR-2500 which is a portable receiver.  The receiver is powered by an included battery pack that you can recharge with the included plug.    You can clip the receiver on your belt and roam around your facility and you will receive an instant notification when the sensor is triggered.  The portable receiver has four different zones, where each zone can log a record of up to 400 events with a date and timestamp.  Without the timestamp the receiver can save 999 events per zone.  Under normal usage, the receiver should stay charged for up to 10 days.  The portable receiver plays a tone, and also may be set to vibrate mode.

Kit Components:

  • 1 x UT-2500 (transmitter)
  • 1 x PR-2500

Transmitter Features:

  • May function as a doorbell or a door/window contact
  • Normally Open (N/O) or Normally Closed (N/C) contacts available for integration with other devices
  • Mounting bracket supplies for easy mounting opens
  • Outdoor rated
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Sends wireless signal up to 2,500 ft. to compatible receiver
  • Works with UT-2500 and DCR-2500 receiver
  • Dimensions for push button is 3.38” x 1.94” x .81”
  • Dimensions for magnetic contact is 2” x .56” x .38”

Portable Receiver Features:

  • Plays a tone and may be vibrate
  • Four zones
  • Each zone can store up to 400 events will timestamp.  Up to 999 events w/o timestamp.
  • Rechargeable battery pack w/ plug in charge included
  • Dimensions of portable receiver is roughly 3” x 4” x 2”



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Expandable, Multi-Zone, Live 12V DC Output, C-Form Relays

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Dakota Alerts 2500 Series


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Battery Operated Receiver

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