Wireless PIR Entry Kit w/ Handheld or Desktop Receiver for Businesses

Move Freely Around Your Office or Warehouse and Get Instant Entrance Alerts

Get an alert that someone has entered your shop or store while you are working in the warehouse. Alert a department store employee when a customer enters the dressing room. Alert the warehouse manager when a truck pulls up to the loading dock door. These are just a few of the many uses of an entrance alert set.

The IRPR-2500 is a PIR based wireless sensor that will send a wireless signal up to 2500 feet to a portable hand held receiver. The receiver features a digital counter, with alert methods of silent, vibrate, and chime sound mode. The receiver features a rechargeable battery and recharging station.


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Over the years, our customers have asked for an entrance alert set that features a wireless, portable receiver allowing them to carry it with them around their business. The IRPR-2500 kit features a wireless PIR sensor and a wireless portable hand held receiver with rechargeable batteries.

As with all the Dakota Alert 2500 series of products, the PIR sensor and Handheld Portable Receiver featured in this kit are compatible with the Dakota Alert products in this series. This enables you to add-on features such as outdoor sensors (WMT-2500), driveway alarm probes (WPT-2500), additional sensors (IR-2500), add a push button or panic transmitter (UT-2500), and even additional stationary receivers like the WR-2500.

The IR-2500 Sensor

The IR-2500 is a passive infrared motion sensor designed for indoor or light duty outdoor applications (under an awning or other protected location). The senor is light, easy to mount, and is powered by one 9-volt battery. The passive infrared detector is able to monitor an area up to 100 degrees wide. With the integral mask, the detection area can be narrowed down to 20 degrees or anywhere in between. With the swivel mount, the IR-3000 sensor can be adjusted right to left up to 80 degrees and up and down up to 50 degrees. With three different sensitivity settings, the IR-2500 can detect a person up to 12 feet, 25 feet or 40 feet away. The sensor can also be set to flash an LED light or stay dark when a signal is sent.

Below is information on the two types of receivers available.   You can mix and match the receivers meaning you can have a desktop and a portable receiver that works with ANY of the 2500 series of transmitters/sensor.

The Desktop Receiver- DCR-2500

The DCR-2500 is the desktop receiver featured in this kit.  The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and is has four zones.  You can set multiple sensor/transmitters to a zone where each zone will play one of four available sounds of the receiver.  The alerts receiver has a volume control knob, 4 x C-relays, and also features a live 12V DC output for add-on accessories such as a siren, strobe light, chrome bell, etc.

The Portable Receiver- PR-2500

The PR-2500 is a portable handheld receiver compatible with the Dakota Alert 2500 series of products. When the transmitter, whether it is the IR-2500 featured in this kit, or other 2500 series transmitter, is triggered, a wireless signal is sent up to 2500 feet to the receiver. The receiver will vibrate, play a chime, or may be set to silent mode. The easy to read LCD shows the time and date, and also a resettable counter of triggered events. Capable of receiving an alert signal from up to four zones.

The PR-2500 comes with a rechargeable battery and a plug-in recharger.

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4 reviews for Wireless PIR Entry Kit w/ Handheld or Desktop Receiver for Businesses

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    We love our new wireless doorbell! We are a small business that can’t always be up front in the office and this works just perfect for our needs. The choice of chimes and range of coverage was great and installation was simple. We would recommend this to anyone.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Very useful. I love it.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Fast easy install with a life time of tunes

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This alarm really works! So nice to have the receiver on your belt! Very long range, too! I recommend this product if you want to be protected and yet mobile!

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