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Need light inside your cabinet or closet but don't want to mess with wiring?  The BL-200 is an in-cabinet light with an LED bulb and automatic sensor is perfect for mounting this lighting source in any area that needs light where wiring is not practical.

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All of us have that cabinet, closet, pantry, etc. where we need a light, but having one installed is too costly or impracticable.  Meet the BL200, an in cabinet light that uses an LED bulb to flood that dark area with plenty of light.  The unit features a LED bulb, auto sensing cell to manage battery life, easy mounting plate, and adjustable light beam.

Although relatively small, the BL200 will flood a pantry, closet, or cabinet with plenty of light but doesn't require an electrician to install. Packed with features, the BL200 is an innovative product that can be uses in virtually any indoor application.  The LED bulb will last a lifetime, shines bright, and used minimal power.  The auto sensing capability of this light will detect the door opening and turn on.  It will automatically shut the light off as well, allowing an estimated one year battery life under regular use.

This is not your ordinary battery light like you might find at your local box retail store.  The moment you hold this product you realize the high-quality construction and reliability of this product.  When Xodus was designing this product, they thought of everything and it shows in the product design and usability.

To use the unit you would set it in one of two modes, Auto or Manual.  In auto mode the light is activated when the unit detects an increase in the light level.  In most cases the simple act of opening the door will trigger the light, because the light level will increase when the door is opened.  An auto timer shuts the light off after 20 seconds.  To add more time is easy.  When in auto mode, simply press the button manually and 1 minutes of one time will be added to the light.

In manual mode the user pushes a button to turn the light one.  A unique feature of the BL200, patented by Xodus is "low glow" technology.  This emits a warm, soft glow around the push button for easy location while having a minimal draw on the batteries.

  • No wires needed for installation
  • Installs in seconds.  Mounting plate attaches with double sided tape (included) and the unit attaches to the mounting plate through magnets
  • Powered by a LED bulb that shines bright.  The small rotary knob under the light allows you to adjust the angle of the light
  • The LED bulb will never burn out, never get hot, and has a low battery draw
  • Powerd by 4 x C Alkaline batteries that shoud last approximately one year under "normal" use (not included)
  • Auto and Manual mode.  Auto mode activates the light when a slight increase in light is detcted.  Manual mode requires user to push button to activate.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Manufactured by Xodus Innovations
  • Unit ships with light unit, mounting plate, and double sided tape, and mounting screws

For an in-cabinet light, in a pantry, or in a closet it is recommended to set the unit to Automatic mode.  When you open a door the unit will turn on for 20 seconds.  If you are installing this unit a work light, emergency light, or for counter top lighting undre an upper cabinet it is recommended to use manual mode.

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- fast delivery to Canada, only took 6 days and was not expensivern- I installed 4 of these in th...

- fast delivery to Canada, only took 6 days and was not expensivern- I installed 4 of these in the house. really liked it. Only thing I recommend is if you are mounting this upside down (underside of cabinet) make sure you screw in the mounting plate. The double sided tape did not stick long

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