RCWL200A-SERIES Honeywell Ultimate Wireless Door Chime

RCWL200A-SERIES Honeywell Ultimate Wireless Door Chime


If you are looking for a high end portable and wireless chime, then choose the Honeywell RCWL200A1007/N model. The P1 Portable Wireless Chime and Push can definitely exceed your home doorbell needs at a reasonable price.

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When your current doorbell dies, you no longer need to hire an electrician to come out and install a new one in your home.  Today’s cordless chimes require no wiring, are easy to set up, and are packed with features their wired cousins only dream of.

Whether the home is old or new, many people face the challenge of running new doorbell wire.  While it is expensive to hire an electrician, sometimes it is just impossible.  The advent of wireless doorbells has changed the doorbell landscape enabling homeowners to install a new doorbell system in a matter of minutes.

The RCWL200A and RCWL210A series of portable door entry chimes is no exception.  Featuring a sleek, stylish design, the base receiver fits comfortable on any flat surface and being portable, allows you to move it from room to room as needed.  The base unit measures approximately 8” x 6” x 4” and is constructed of a UV-resistant plastic which means it won’t easily fade as lessor plastics will.

The base station, as well as the included push button feature a small LED that offers visual indication of a weak battery as well as a signal transmission.  This means the unit will alert you with beeps as well as a flashing red light when the batteries need to be changed.

Honeywell makes top quality products and these are great examples.  The sound is CD quality and plays four different melodies.  This enables you to have four different wireless push buttons connected to the base receiver and differentiate which door is creating the signal.  For example, someone at the front door pushes the doorbell button and the receiver plays “Westminster” chime, while someone pushing the button located at a side door triggers the receiver to play “Ding-Dong.”

There are two door chime kits featured here:  the RCWL200A and the RCWL210A.  The products are identical except the RCWL210A has a flashing LED indicator on the RECEIVER and the RCWL200A does not.

  • The maximum range, from transmitter to receiver, is up to 150 feet.  This is a line of site measurement.  Like all wireless products, the actual functioning range may be less depending on environmental factors.
  • Powered by 3 C alkaline batteries.  Under normal operating circumstances, the battery should last approximately 18 months.  The battery brand will make a difference in battery life. (This is just an estimation of expected battery life.)
  • The wireless push button comes with a pre-installed battery, the CR2023 battery.  However, for replacement, this battery is readily available in most local drug stores.
  • The portable base station receiver will work with up to 4 Honeywell wireless push buttons.  You can select a specific tune for each wireless button to play so you can easily determine where the visitor is.
  • Both wireless button and receiver provide low battery indicator lights to alert the user when the battery is weak.  The number of flashes and beeps emitted will help you determine which unit – the transmitter or receiver – is losing battery power.
  • Units operate at 345 MHz range and features a self-adjusting code to prevent local interference.
  • The wireless button is a surface mounted doorbell button which means it simply mounts directly on the door frame or wall you want to monitor. (Surface mount means it is mounting directly on the surface of the wall)
  • Honeywell makes their door chime products with a white UV-resistant plastic.  This plastic coating prevents it from fading from direct sunlight exposure or turning a yellow color due to age.
  • Push button is white,  but a black version is also available (RPWL201A) that is compatible. This allows you to more closely match the wireless button to the outside color of your home.
  • Tunes played:
    • Ding Dong
    • Fantasia
    • Westminster
    • Smart Saxophone

The product ships with:

  • one wireless button (battery included)
  • one base station receiver
  • mounting screws for push button
  • adhesive tape for button.

You will need:

  • 3 X LR14 C size 1.5V Alkaline batteries
  • A #1 Philips-head screw driver A small flat bladed screwdriver
  • A 1/4-in. (6 mm) drill bit

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Honeywell E Series

Led Option

Flashing LED
No Flashing LED

Battery Or Plug In

Battery Operated Receiver

Kit Or Accessory


Wireless Features




Wireless Range

450 ft.

Customer Reviews

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Presently, the doorbell is performing well.

Presently, the doorbell is performing well.The one concern I have about the doorbell is the volume of the bell tones needs to be louder. Beside that one concern,I am please with the product and please I purchased it.

Works perfectly!

Works perfectly! Great value

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