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Doorbells, Chimes, & Entrance Alert Products Specifically Designed for Hard-of-Hearing

The Bellman & Symfon series of Alerts & Notifications are products specifically designed for the hard of hearing.  These are our most popular kits and are fully expandable with all other Bellman products for the hard of hearing.

Learn More About Our Alerts for the Hard of Hearing

Like many of the wireless products carried at 1800doorbell, almost all of these products are expandable and often times compatible with other products from the same manufacturer.  For example, the Bellman & Symfon Visit Care line of products features products like a doorbell and receiver that is expandable to include products like alarm clocks that vibrate the pillow to wake you up, as well as a bright strobe.  Universal type transmitters allows the user to add a door/window contact to a door or window as well.

Take a moment to watch this brief video by Bellman & Symfon for a quick introduction into the Visit Care line of products and how they were designed specifically for the hearing impaired user.
For more information on these products please don't hesitate to email or call us for help.

If you only need a simple flashing doorbells we have simple wireless doorbells that have a flashing doorbells that might fit your needs.

In this short video you will learn about some of the important features of the Visit Care line of products by Bellman & Symfon. It will also give you an example of a way to set up the system for your convenience. The Visit Care system can be tweaked to your own personal tastes by adding additional Bellman & Symfon products.

Family and friends play a big role in our lives and it's important that we stay in touch with the ones we care about people with hearing loss may not hear the doorbell or the telephone even if they have hearing aids, which can be worrying both for themselves and the people around them.

We have developed the care home alerting solution with selected products that comes complete and ready to use. It includes an intelligent doorbell and a powerful flash receiver that is connected to your telephone line.

We understand that modern technology can sometimes be difficult to manage. That's why we have designed the visit products to be simple to set-up and use and since they operate wirelessly. You don't have to worry about the hassle of cables. All components in the visit system are fully integrated to work as one, so you can always add on another product as you need changes over time.

That means you can get exactly the solution you need today and still have the flexibility to expand the solution to meet your needs of tomorrow.

We have made home alerting easy. It means peace of mind for you and the people you care about.

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