Alarm Clocks for the Hearing Impaired

Shop our clocks for the hard of hearing  products from Bellman & Symfon, Krown, and Silent Call.

These ADA Compliant Alarm Clocks are designed to provide visual and or sensory (vibration) when the alarm is activated.

Learn More About Clocks for the Hearing Impaired


1800 Doorbell is now offering desktop and travel alarm clocks for the hearing impaired. These alarm clocks have essential features that make them ideal for people who are hard of hearing. These features include an extra loud audible alarm, a bed shaker, or a lamp flasher.

These alarm clocks are not strictly limited to the hard of hearing either. They can also be very beneficial to people who are very heavy sleepers. The alarm clocks with the bed shakers have been proven to be a super effective way of waking people up.

Along with the extra loud audible alert some of the alarm clocks feature a tone control, which will allow you to set the volume to a perfect level for you. This is amazing because you can adjust the level of the alarm to fit with your level of hearing loss.

Some of the alarm clocks also feature the option to connect a lamp to the alarm clock. This is perfect for situations where no matter how loud the alarm is the user is still unable to hear the alarm sounding. The lamp will flash whenever the alarm goes off.