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Alarm Clocks are something we take for granted in our everyday life, but for the hearing impaired, waking up by an alarm clock is a challenge. This category features alarm clocks and wake-up devices designed with the hard of hearing, deaf, and hearing impaired in mind.

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Most of these products feature a bed shaker, or some type of vibration device, or a visual indicator such as a strobe light to alert you the alarm notification.  The Bellman & Symfon product features a vibrating cylinder you place under you pillow.  When the alarm is activated, the disk will vibrate under your pillow to wake you.

Never Miss a Wake-Up Alarm Again

If you have a loved one who is hard of hearing, or even if you are hearing impaired, we encourage you to take a look at the products below.  The features packed into these clocks rival any you will see on the market today.

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  • Dual Vibrating Alarm Clock Ka1000 V 1 2Dual Vibrating Alarm Clock 2
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    Krown KA1000 Dual Vibrating Alarm Clock

    This dual vibrating alarm clock from Krown is sure to wake you up in the morning. It will alarm with the bed shaker, table lamp, or sound a loud 95 dB siren. You can set different combinations of the different alarms to find the best method to wake you in the morning. This alarm clock can be outfitted with additional Krown transmitters to tailor a system specifically for you.

    SKU: KA1000
  • Hearing Impaired Alarm Clock W Bed Shaker Be1580 V 1 2Bellman Alarm Clock Hearing Impaired Night 2
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    Bellman & Symfon BE1580 Hearing Impaired Alarm Clock...

    An alarm clock, designed from start to finish, for the hearing impaired.  Packed with features such as a bed shaker, high-intensity flashing LEDs, extra loud alarm, a nightlight, and back up battery, this is what I call a "Super Clock!"
    SKU: BE1580
  • Signature Series Caregiver Kit Sc Ss Ckit3 V 1 2Signature Series Caregiver Kit 2
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    Silent Call SC-SS-CKIT3 Signature Series Caregiver Kit Al...

    A Signature Series Caregiver Kit from Silent Call. Kit includes 1 Signature Series Sidekick II receiver, 1 Signature Series bed shaker, and 1 Signature Series transmatter. This kit includes everything a caregiver would need for basic monitoring. There is up to a 2000 ft range between the transmitter and receiver.

  • Signature Series Fire Alerting Kit Sc Ss Fkit3 V 1 2Signature Series Fire Alerting Kit 2
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    Silent Call SC-SS-FKIT3 Signature Series Fire Alerting Ki...

    This Signature Series fire alerting kit from Silent Call will alert you with flashing lights and vibrations to a fire alarm going off. The Signature Series Sidekick II receiver features a telephone jack as well so you can connect a telephone if you wish. Whenever someone calls you the receiver will flash and vibrate the bed shaker.

  • Signature Series Home Alerting Kit Sc Ss Hkit3 V 1 2Signature Series Home Alerting Kit 2
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    Silent Call SC-SS-HKIT3 Signature Series Home Alerting Ki...

    This Signature Series Home Alerting Kit comes with 1 Signature Series Sidekick II receiver, 1 Signature Series doorbell transmitter, and 1 Signature Series bed shaker. This kit comes with everything you need for basic home alerting. The receiver will provide visual and audible alerts.

  • Signature Series Kit 3a Sc Ss Sk2 Kit3a V 1 2Signature Series Kit 3a 2
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    Silent Call SC-SS-SK2-KIT3A Signature Series Kit 3A Alarm...

    This Signature Series kit includes 1 Sidekick II receiver, 1 doorbell transmitter, and 1 telephone transmitter. The receiver will receive a signal up to 2000 ft away from the doorbell and telephone transmitter. When the receiver gets the signal it will alert you with its 110 candela strobe light. Then the receiver will inform you of which transmitter is sending the signal with its LED indicators. The receiver comes with a built in alarm clock and jack for an optional bed shaker (sold separately).

  • Signature Series Kit 3b Sc Ss Sk2 Kit3b V 1 2Signature Series Kit 3b 2
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    Silent Call SC-SS-SK2-KIT3B Signature Series Kit 3B Alarm...

    This Signature Series kit includes 1 Sidekick II receiver, 1 doorbell transmitter button with button, and 1 telephone transmitter. The doorbell transmitter and telephone transmitter will send a wireless signal up to 2000 ft to your Signature Series receiver. The Sidekick II receiver will inform you with an LED which transmitter is sending the signal.

  • Signature Series Kit 3d Sc Ss Sk2 Kit3d V 1 2Signature Series Wireless Doorbell Transmitter Db4 Ss 1 1 1
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    Silent Call SC-SS-SK2-KIT3D Signature Series Kit 3D Alarm...

    This Signature Series kit comes featuring a 2000 ft range. The kit includes 1 Sidekick II receiver, 1 telephone transmitter, and 1 wireless doorbell transmitter. This is an all in one kit that offers everything you need for monitoring right out of the box. The system will provide you with a visual alert whenever the telephone or doorbell rings.


Learn More About Clocks for the Hearing Impaired

1800 Doorbell is now offering desktop and travel alarm clocks for the hearing impaired. These alarm clocks have essential features that make them ideal for people who are hard of hearing. These features include an extra loud audible alarm, a bed shaker, or a lamp flasher.

These alarm clocks are not strictly limited to the hard of hearing either. They can also be very beneficial to people who are very heavy sleepers. The alarm clocks with the bed shakers have been proven to be a super effective way of waking people up.

Along with the extra loud audible alert some of the alarm clocks feature a tone control, which will allow you to set the volume to a perfect level for you. This is amazing because you can adjust the level of the alarm to fit with your level of hearing loss.

Some of the alarm clocks also feature the option to connect a lamp to the alarm clock. This is perfect for situations where no matter how loud the alarm is the user is still unable to hear the alarm sounding. The lamp will flash whenever the alarm goes off.