Skylink WA-434TL Water Sensor Alarm System

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Stop worry about flooding in your basement or laundry room with this water detection sensor/transmitter.  When paired with a compatible Skylink receiver, an alarm or chime beep alerts you when water is detected.

This is an add-on sensor to your existing household alert products or used to replace a broken or missing part.  The WA-434TL is a sensor/transmitter you pair with the Skylink Long Range Household Alert Receiver (HA-434RL) and is featured in the WA434RTL Water Sensor Alert Kit by Skylink.

This sensor will detect water and wirelessly send a signal within 800 feet the Long Range Household Alert receiver.  Simply pair the sensor to the receiver and when activated, will alert the receiver.

The sensor is powered by a 3V lithium battery that’s included.  Mounting accessories are also supplied.

  • WA-434TL Water Sensor/ Transmitter
  • Includes 3V lithium battery and mounting accessories
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Manufactured by Skylink

Please note: This is not a standalone product and must work in conjunction with a compatible Skylink receiver