Skylink WT-433 Door/Window Sensor Alarm System


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This small, easy to install wireless sensor sends a wireless signal to a compatible receiver when the contact is broken.  Works with Skylink Home security products.

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The WT-433E is a door or window wireless sensor contact that sends a wireless signal to a compatible Skylink product (AD-433S, SC-001, and AA-433).  There are several ways you can use this product.  
As part of one the Skylink Home Security Systems you can use this to monitor a door or window in your home or office.  You can use several of these products throughout your home or office to expand the number of door/windows that are being monitored by your system.
You do not have to have a complete home security system in order to use this product.  For example, if you have an unauthorized zone you need to monitor such as a supply closet, IT closet, storage shed, etc., you can add this sensor to the door.  If that door is opened you can have it send a wireless signal to the Skylink Emergency Dialer (AD-433S) and the dialer will call and notify you that the sensor has been triggered.
  • Protects doors, windows, and other entrances by constantly monitoring whether the door or window is open.  
  • Sends a signal to the security console or Emergency Dialer when contact has been broken (see compatible products above)
  • Compatible with the Skylink Security System and Emergency Dialer.
  • 12V Alkaline battery included.
  • Up to 100ft range measured as distance from this device to a receiver
  • Manufactured by Skylink 

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