Skylink AS-433E Alarm Sensor Alarm System

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An audible alarm sensor that “listens” for alarm sounds and transmitts them to compatible Skylink receivers or through the transmitters N/C relay.

This unique product listens for audio alarms (from any system) and wireless transmits them to a Skylink product or via a wired N/C contact.  This is a great device that provides the ability to integrate a given alarm system with other devices.

If you any type of alarm system in your home are office, you could use this device to listed for the alarm.   When it hears your home alarm sound it will generate a wireless signal and transmit that signal to a compatible Skylink device like the auto-dialer or an emergency dialer.

If you do not have a Skylink device but want to use the functionality of this product you can use the device’s Normally Closed (N/C) output to transmit the siganl via a wired connection to another device’s N/C input.  A truly great device  that open integration doors!


  • Detects conventional alarm sounds from existing security systems to activate transmission of a signal to the Skylink Security System or Emergency Dialer (AD-105) , which then activates the system.
  • Product does not have to be used as part of another Skylink system.  You can use it by itself to trigger another integrated deviceg a N/C connector.
  • This transmitter/sensor is powered by an included 9-volt battery
  • This product will transmit a wireless signal up to 100 ft.
  • Manufactured by Skylink