Carlon FPC1493 3 Wick Pillar LED Candle

Carlon FPC1493 3 Wick Pillar LED Candle


Set this three wick candle inside a colored vase and I almost garuantee friends and family won’t believe they aren’t real flame candles.   Don’t worry, even though it looks so real, it never gets hot and the bulb will last virtually forever.

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My friends could not believe it when I pulled this 3-wick candle out of a hurricane vase I keep it in. The warm yellow glow of this LED bulb is set to flicker (you can set to constant if you want) and behind the colored vase, it looks so realistic that I have caught myself walking up to it at night and trying to blow it out.
The FPC1493 3-Wick Pillar LED Candle from Thomas and Betts is packed with the features you would normally associate with Carlon LED candles that your lesser box store models simply don’t possess.  The battery life is incredible.  Powered by two “D” batteries that will power this candle for 4 months.  The candle will turn itself on at the same time every day and burn for 6 hours.  Unlike lesser models with incandescent bulbs, the LED bulb on this model will never need to be replaced and will never be hot to the touch.

Also, you can set the candle flame to flicker or burn constant, depending on your preference.

Product Features

  • Operates for up to 4 months if left turned on (six hours per day)
  • Random flickering simulates real candle flames or you can set to constant burn
  • Bulb burns a warm yellow/orange color
  • LED bulb will last a lifetime and never burn hot
  • Requires two D sized alkaline batteries (not included) that will burn for 4 months before needing to be replaced
  • Built-in timer ensures candle turns on at same time every day and then burns for 6 hours before turning off
  • May be used indoors or outdoors
  • You will love this candle!
  • Dimensions:
    • Base 4″ across
    • Height 4 1/2″ from base to tip of flame

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