LED, Outdoor Rated Battery Powered Pillar Candles in Different Sizes

LED, Outdoor Rated Battery Powered Pillar Candles in Different Sizes

I promise you are going to love these LED Pillar Candles available in a 4-inch, 5-inch, or 6-inch size.  The LED bulb burns cool to the touch and looks realistic.  Set them up, turn on the timer, and let them run.  Place them inside a candle holder for an even more realistic effect.

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I have bragged about these candles so many times because this is a product I use every day in my home and I absolutely love it. These are 4”, 5”, and 6” battery operated pillar candles with an auto timer and a bulb that you can set to flicker mode or constant burn mode.

These Weatherproof Battery Pillar Candles by Thomas & Betts are amazing little decorating elements for your home because of their versatility, realistic look, and ease of use. First for their versatility. These candles may be used indoors or outdoors and look so good you can place them inside a vase, place them on a candle holder, or even set alone on a shelf or table. Although they are inexpensive, they are very realistic.

I’m not just saying this – my wife sat some of these battery operated LED pillar candles inside a vase and it ran for months without ever needing a battery change. That’s because of the LED blub that will last a lifetime and consumes very little power, and the fact that these candles feature a “timer that turns the pillars on at the same time everyday and turns them off after 6 hours. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer says these will run for 12 months on the same set of batteries.

The LED bulb shines with a warm yellow/orange glow. When placed behind a vase or viewed from afar, it’s very hard to determine if they are real or not. As an added bonus you can set the flame to flicker like a real flame or emit a constant, consistent glow. Finally, put the batteries in them, turn them on, and forget about them. The auto timer turns the candles on at the same time every day and shuts them off 6 hours later. These means you should get roughly 12 months life out of these candles before a battery change is needed.

*The FPC1487 is a set of three that features the 4”,5” and 6” pillar candle.

  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Bulb burns a warm yellow/orange glow flame
  • LED light provides long lasting life
  • Two modes: flicker or static flame
  • Handy built in timer
  • Requires 2 “D” alkaline batteries (sold separately)
  • Available in 4-, 5-, and 6-inch pillars

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