FPC1460 Formal 12 Inch Candle with 3 Color Choices & Pewter Option

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LED light source – no heat generated – LED bulb life – 100,000 hours. Realistic flickering light.


These 12” taper candles, available in white, green, or red feature a LED bulb that flickers and glows in a warm yellow color.  Simply install the batteries, turn them on, set them in a candle holder (not included) and these candles will do the rest.

An automatic timers turns the candles off after 6 hours from time you turned them on.  Everyday, these candles will turn on at the same time and then turn themselves off 6 hours later.  Worried about changing the batteries?  Don’t be.  Left on auto, these candles will run for approximately 300 hours (50 days).

  • LED light source – no heat generated – LED bulb life – 100,000 hours
  • Realistic flickering light
  • Built-in timer – candle will automatically come on the same time every day if left turned on
  • Candle will remain on for six hours before going out and coming on the next day
  • Manual on/off – turn candle while holding onto base
  • Uses 3 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries
  • Operates for up to 300 hours or 50 days one sone set of batteries if left turned on (6 hours per day)
  • Flexible base works with a wide range of candleholders


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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for safety and mood.

Perfect for safety and mood. No drips, just flickering light with auto on. Works for me.

Perfectly great product.

Perfectly great product. Company sent them very quickly, international shipping. The rubber base is a very interesting feature. Easy to jam into a variety of candle holders.