FPC1432 Rechargeable Votive Flameless Candles w/ Charging Station

FPC1432 Rechargeable Votive Flameless Candles w/ Charging Station


LED based votive candles with a warm yellow-orange flickering flame. These are nice enough to use as a standalone product or sit inside a vase for decoration over the holidays or any other time.

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Carlon has done it again and thought of just about everything with these rechargeable votive candles with recharging station, available as a single candle, 2-pack, and 4-pack.  Buy these and we promise you will love them.

These are rechargeable votive candles with a LED bulb. With a flickering warm orange glow, the LED bulb uses very little power, each votive lasting up to 60 hours between charges.  The bulb always stays cool to the touch and never needs replacing. Plus, a LED bulb never burns hot and you should never have to replace it. Simply place the these candles on the included charging unit. Once charged, simply turn them on and the candle burns a soft, warm yellow flickering flame that looks so realistic you’ll try to blow them out at night. Lovely enough to stand alone, these candles look great when placed inside a votive candle holder.

The re charger also does double duty as a base. You can leave the candles inside the base or take them out to stand alone.

Buy these and we promise you will love them.

We use these LED votive candles throughout our home to decorate.   When you place them inside a votive holder or other decorative glass container, the orange flicker makes them look extremely realistic.  This pack of four votive candles ship with AA rechargeable AA batteries and the votive candle holder that also functions as a recharging station.  You can leave the LED votive candles on the included holder base or out of the base.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, these are solid products that come with everything you need.

The included rechargeable batteries used to power the LED candles should last 3-5 years prior to replacing.

  • From bottom of votive candle to tip of led flame, candle measures 4 1/4”.  When on recharging base, add one inch
  • Warm orange flicker
  • Available to purchase as single unit or two-pack (includes two candles and recharge station)
  • LED light source – eliminates need for bulb replacement
  • Candle flame flickers
  • Cool to the touch
  • Manual on/off switch
  • Uses 2 “AA” rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Operates for up to 50 hours continuously on a full charge
  • Can be used with or without decorative base

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A great product at a great price!
These flickering rechargeable votive candles are wonderful, beautiful, and give the feeling of ca...
Very good product, good package, fast shipping.
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