FPC1230 Flameless LED 3-Tiered Holiday Candle-Orange Flame & Base Options

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Our beautiful candles feature a flameless bulb with a realistic orange flickering glow.  Available in three different colored bases, antique brass, aged bronze (appears black) and pewter.


Seeing these beautiful candles throughout a home, reminds me of the old days when practically everyone decorated their homes with candles in the window over the Christmas holiday.

The FPC1230 Flameless Holiday Candles with LED bulbs look so realistic that the casual observer won’t be able to see a difference.

These electric, cordless candles feature LED bulbs that can be positioned to flicker mode or full-on mode.  LED bulbs never get hot and never need replacing.  LED lights also consume less power, which will prolong battery life.

These candles also feature a photocell that will turn the candles on in the evening and off in the morning.  Your candle should last throughout the entire holiday season without changing the batteries.

Candles are available in three base colors, antiqued pewter and antique brass and aged bronze.

  • Easy and safe to use – no heat, no potential for glass breaking
  • Candle height is 10″ from base to top of flame
  • Warm orange glow that you can set to flicker or full on glow
  • LED light bulbs – prolonged bulb life
  • Lasts the entire holiday season using 3 “D” alkaline batteries
  • Estimated battery life is 70 days running 12 hours a day
  • May be used as an emergency candle
  • Automatic on/off feature – turns on at night and shuts off in the morning
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes mounting clip for window sill


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