How to Program the WC180

The WC180 is a wireless door chime kit that features a plugin receiver and a wireless push button.  When triggered, the receiver will play a selected melody/tone and will flash approximately 15 times.

PLEASE NOTE:  the push button and receiver included in the WC180 Kit comes preprogrammed.  The instructions below are useful for adding a second push button or replacing the included push button.  

Programming the WC180 is the processes a pairing a push button to the receiver.

  • Press “Learn” button ( symbol ) once at the side of receiver, the receiver will sound 2 beeps. It indicates the receiver is in learn mode process.
  • Press the transmitter (push button) once, and you will hear the chime receiver sound. This indicates the receiver is learning the signal from transmitter properly.
  • If this is the desired melody/tone, move to the next step.  If you want a different melody or tone (for a second push button for example)  press the transmitter to scroll through the built-in tunes in the receiver.
    Stop pressing the transmitter when you hear the desire melody. There are total 3 different chime tunes for
    - ding ding
    - ding dong
    - Westminster 4-note chime
  • Press the “learn” button again on the side of the receiver, the receiver will sound 2 beeps to exit the learn mode (Or, just wait approx. 20secs, the receiver will exit the learn mode automatically.)
  • Press the transmitter, the receiver will sound the tune selected, and then flash.