There's No Sound Coming From My LRA Receiver

Currently, there are three available LRA receivers, the LRA-DCRX, LRA-DCRXS, and the LRA-VPRX.  

Ensure a "Sound" Mode is Selected for the Receiver #

Check to ensure "sound" mode is turned on for the receiver.  For each of the receivers there are three modes of operation.  For the LRA-DCRX and LRA-DCRXS the three operational modes are 1) sound only, 2) sound & flashing strobe, and 3) flashing strobe only.  For the LRA-VPRX, the three operational modes are 1) vibration & sound, 2) vibration only, and 3) sound only.  If you are not getting sound from any of these receivers, check to make sure you have a sound mode activated.  * see the illustrations below to locate the operation mode selector switch.

Lra-Dcrx-Side Drawing_500Px

Ensure Volume is Turned Up #

Of the three receivers, the LRA-DCRX is the only one with a volume control knob.  To access the volume control, open the front cover.  Locate the volume knob/wheel, and turn to the right to ensure volume is turned up.

Ensure the Transmitter is Paired to the Receiver #

Sometimes, if the sound is not working, it's because the transmitter/sensor has not been paired.  Please consult the receivers documentation to ensure the transmitter has been programmed to the receiver.