How Many Transmitters Can I Connect to a ERA Receiver?

The ERA-DCRX is a four (4) zone receiver meaning each zone will play a distinct sound.  You can program / pair as 3 transmitters (such as a push button) to a zone as you want, but all the transmitters in that zone will play the melody selected for that zone.

For example, zone 1 may be set to play the "ding-dong" sound.  When any transmitter paired to the zone is triggered, the receiver will play the "ding-dong" sound.  In this example, I have a push button on the front door paired to zone 1.

For zone 2, I want to program a push button for the back door.  When programming, I set that zone to play the Westminster  Chime.  When that push button is triggered, the receiver will play the Westminster Chime.

This enables you to distinguish a visitor at the front door versus the back door.