How to Wire a 12V DC Device to Your ERA Receiver

Below are brief instructions on how to connect a 12V DC device, such as a strobe light, siren, buzzer, etc. to a zone on the ERA-DCRX receiver.

1. Unplug the receiver.

2. Separate top receiver case from bottom receiver case.

3. Locate terminal block (see image below) located on the bottom of the pc board.


4. Loosen screws for the zone(s) that you are connecting a device to.

5. Wire the external 12V DC into the terminal connection blocks that
corresponds to the respective zone. For example, if a push button is
paired to zone 1, and you want a strobe to flash for zone 1, wire the
strobe into the terminal block for zone 1.

6. Observe polarity when necessary. For example, for a strobe light,
ensure you are connecting the positive wire on the strobe to the positive
terminal on the receiver.
7. Re-tighten screws on terminal block.
8. Adjust output duration as needed (see image below)


Era-Dcrx 12V Output Duration Is Set By Moving Jumper Settings Inside The Unit.

9. Snap cover back together.
10. Plug in receiver.  In the image below, there are two different 12V DC devices connected, one per zone.