How to Remove a Transmitter / Sensor from a Receiver Zone

  • Once a transmitter / sensor is programmed to a zone on a LRA series receiver, a new transmitter / sensor cannot be added to that zone until the memory of that zone is deleted.For example, if you have previously programmed a LRA-PBTX push button to Zone 1 on your receiver and after a few years of use you want to replace the push button.  Prior to programming your new push button to the receiver, you must delete the old transmitter that is locked into Zone 1 memory.The instructions below illustrate how to delete the zone memory from the LRA-DCRX and LRA-DCRXA memroy.  The process for the LRA-VPRX is slightly different, but the basic concept is the same.  To delete memory from the LRA-DCRXS Plug-in Strobe Receiver, click here.
    • Make sure you are deleting the right zone. If the transmitter/sensor is programmed to zone I, for example, the Roman Numeral for zone I will flash when triggered.
    • Enter programming mode my holding down the zone selector
      button for approximately three (3) seconds.  The strobe will flash and the icon for Zone I should start flashing.Programming The Lra-Dcrx Receiver
    • Once the strobe flashing and you are in programming mode, stop pressing the zone selector button.
    • If you would like to delete the memory in zone one, skip to the next step.  If you want to delete the memory from another zone, press the zone selector button to scroll to the zone you wish to delete.
    • Once you are at the right zone, hold down the zone selector button AND the melody button (at the same time) for approximately five (5) seconds. You will hear a short tone sound. This zone has been deleted.
    • Next, press the program button to skip through the other zones.
    • Once you pass zone IV , the zone lights will stop flashing, signaling it is out of pairing/programming mode.