How to ensure you hear your doorbell from your back deck?

A) If you have a wired doorbell system, the Extend-A-Chime is just what you need. It is available as a kit, the LRA-EX1000.
The kit works like this:  a small, battery powered transmitter is wired into your existing wired door chime.  When a visitor presses the wired push button on your door, you doorbell rings as usual…in addition to that, the small transmitter generates a signal and trigger the receiver that comes in the kit to play a chime sound.
The Extend-A-Chime will allow you to easily increase the range of your current doorbell or door chime system so you will be able to hear it when you are out on your back deck.
If you have a wireless doorbell system, you will need to purchase a compatible receiver for your system. Manufacturer’s vary on how you determine compatibility. If it is a brand we sell, give us a call and we would be happy to help.