We Offer The Best Wireless Door Chimes for Businesses Guaranteed!

Oftentimes, business owners & mangers are discouraged when it comes to wireless doorbells for their warehouse, shop, or business because the products they have tried in the past simply don’t work or aren’t reliable. At 1800doorbell, we specialize in wireless doorbells for businesses. That’s because we offer extremely long range, powerful wireless chime products that are guaranteed to work in your in your office or shop, or you get a full refund.

Whether you’re looking for a wireless push button with multiple receivers in your warehouse, or a entry alert, we’ve got you covered.

Wireless Features

Wireless Range

The wireless range is "line-of-sight" from transmitter to receiver with no interference. Plan for environmental interference, ie., get a longer range product than you think you will need.

Sensor Type

Door that sometimes stays open, or monitor an area, use PIR. For door that typically stays shut, use magnetic contact.


For some manufacturers such as Safeguard Supply or Dakota Alert, make sure you select the compatibility filter

More about the different Wireless Products

Plugin Models:

Installation is a snap with plug-in chime kits. Simply mount the push button transmitter to the outside door and plug-in the door chime receiver into a standard wall outlet. With most manufacturer’s you can mix and match battery powered and plug-in receivers.

Battery Powered:

These chime kits typically contain a transmitter and a receiver. The difference between these kits and the plug-in versions is that the receivers in these kits are powered by batteries.

Don’t let the fact that these are battery powered worry you. Typically, the batteries will last 12-24 months, depending on usage and environmental factors. Battery operation allows you to mount these chime higher in the wall, and allows the manufacturer to design a more aesthetic design that seen in most plug-in models. As with the plug-in version, if you stay with a particular manufacturer, like Carlon, you can mix and match plug-in and battery operated receivers.

Long Range Wireless Bells:

Long Range Door Chimes are wireless systems designed to work over long distances and locations where standard wireless products have trouble working.

When to use a longer range product:

  • when distances from push button to receiver is over 100 ft.
  • when building materials will interfere with standard products
  • when you have tried products from box retail stores but they don’t have the power need
  • for special situations when you need speakers, strobe lights, or visual indicators for your commercial application

Flashing Strobe Light Products:

Whether you’re hard of hearing or need to hear a door chime in a loud area, our flashing wireless chimes are an inexpensive way to ensure you never miss a visitor to your door. We carry a line of products designed for residential and commercial use that are easy to install, easy to maintain, and work great.

Plug-In Wireless Door Chime Kit w 1000 Ft. Range & 52 Melodies to Choose From
Plug-In Wireless Door Chime Kit w 1000 Ft. Range & 52 Melodies to Choose From

Designed for warehouses, shops, larger homes and other business locations, we have created long range doorbell kits exclusive to 1800doorbell.com.  These kits combine our best products to fit the needs of our warehouse customers.

In the past, wireless door chimes were unreliable for businesses, because most systems where designed for ranges up to 150 feet max.  These systems didn’t have the power to penetrate the building materials often associated with commercial locations.

The products located in this category are long range, meaning they have a range from the push button to the receiver greater than the standard 150ft.   These products have a range of 300 ft. at a minimum with one model having a max range of up to 2,500 ft.

Too see the exiting line of the new LRA Long Range Alert Products, click here.

WDK-ERA-STROBE is our best selling long range doorbell/door chime for businesses & Warehouses

This kit is perfect for large shops and warehouses, or really any location where you need a visual indicator, such as a flashing strobe light. Not only does this kit have what you need to send signals over a large area, it also offers a visual, bright strobe light you can’t miss.

Our newest kit is the WDK-ERA-Strobe.  It is a long range unit with a range or up to 4,000 ft. and a bright strobe light that flashes when triggered.  Perfect for loud workshops or warehouses, this is an easy to install and maintain product.

The kit ships with everything you need to install and operate the kit.

  • ERA-DCRX plug-in receiver
  • ERA-UTX long range transmitter
  • Flashing strobe light
  • Bellwire (to wire strobe to receiver)

LRA-D1000 1,000 Ft. Range Wireless Doorbell Kit Expandable up to 2,000 ft.

LRA-D1000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell is a business class system with a 1,000 ft. range, and expandable by adding additional wireless buttons and additional receivers. This product is great for customers that need a reliable notification chime for their business,   and also features a small flashing strobe that provides a visual indicator. We use this doorbell on our back warehouse door for notification when deliveries arrive, and we are not readily available in the warehouse.  See the product information below for details.

This receiver is battery powered with a plug-in transformer available for purchase.

Comparable to the WDK-ERA-STROBE, the ERA-UTDCR is available with a desktop or portable receiver

The ERA-UTDRC is a an Extended Range Wireless Door Chime with a range of up to 4,000 ft. from transmitter to receiver is as strong as it gets.  The push button on this product is durable and weatherproof, and may also be used as a door/window contact.  The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and has four zones.  You may also add additional transmitters such as driveway sensors, PIR sensors, and more.  See the product description below for more information about this product.

Why Our Long Range Chimes Are Better


The standard range for a wireless chime is approximately 75-150 feet from the push-button to the chime. However, sometimes this range is simply not enough, especially in office or industrial settings. We offers product with ranges up to 2500 feet, while still offering you the ease and convenience of a quick installation.

Is your business missing deliveries from UPS or FedEx?
If you are keeping your business doors locked, do you have a quality door chime for visitors to ring?

Our long range products are quick and easy to install, allowing you the flexibility of placing them anywhere you need to in your home or business. Add a doorbell to a garage, workshop, or basement in minutes. Wireless chimes are also an efficient and attractive way to replace a broken chime without a fuss. They are an excellent solution for back doors where your business receives deliveries.