LRA-VPEX1000 Doorbell Extender Kit with Portable Vibrating Receiver


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The LRA-VPEX1000 is a doorbell extender kit that features a wireless doorbell extender and a portable chime receiver with volume control and that vibrates.  The kit converts a wired doorbell to a wireless door chime product.  When a visitor presses the wired doorbell button outside, your wired doorbell chimes as it normally would, and simultaneously sends a wireless signal to the portable receiver featured in the kit.

The products is great for the hard of hearing, elderly, or great when you need to work around the house and have trouble hearing your wired doorbell.

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Every have trouble hearing the wired doorbell in your home when a visitor arrives?  A Doorbell Extender Does the Job!

Most wired doorbell in a traditional home has a gentle-sounding tone with a decibel rating in the 70-75 dB range.   That’s great if your home is quiet or you have good hearing..if you’re like me, neither of those conditions apply.  I cannot tell how many times I have missed a visitor, like the pizza delivery driver, at my door because I did not hear the wired doorbell.

What If There Was A Way to Convert Your Wired Doorbell Into a Wireless Compatible Wireless Door Chime?

Now there is with the LRA-VPXE1000 and the LRA-EX1000 kits by Safeguard Supply.  With these two products, you get the benefit of keep the beauty of your wired doorbell that’s current installed in your home, and the benefit of a wireless door chime system.  After installing the LRA-ETX (it’s easy) you can add multiple receivers.  Whether it is the LRA-VPX Portable Receiver (included in this kit) or additional receivers like the LRA-DCRX Wireless Receiver with Strobe Light, each of the receiver may be spread throughout your home to enable you to better hear the wired doorbell when triggered.

What’s Included in this Wired to Wireless Doorbell Converter Kit?

The kit features two main components; a) portable wireless door chime receiver with vibrate only, sound only, and vibrate sound mode and b) wireless doorbell extender.  The wireless doorbell extender is powered by a high-powered lithium battery (included) that should last for a couple of years (or more) before it needs to be replaced.  The vibrating pager receiver is powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries (not included).  The wireless extender also includes

The product works with a traditional 2-note and 1-note, 9-18V AC wired doorbell.  Simply follow the included instructions to wired the LRA-EXTX transmitter into your wired chime.  Program door(s) to included receiver following included instructions.  Product is compatible with all LRA series of products allowing you to add more receivers, such as the LRA-DCRX desktop receiver and the LRA-DCRXS plug-in strobe receiver (available in December 2019).

Vibrating Pager Product Specifications:

  •  Dimensions: 3.62”(H) x 2.56”(W) x 1.16”(D)
  • Hang on wall or wear using belt clip
  • Powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries
  • Can pair with 4 different transmitters (doorbell extender works with up to 2 doors, each door counts as a transmitter paired to a zone)
  • Each zone features a LED light that flashes when triggered
  • Three modes of operation; melody only, vibration only, melody & vibration
  • Works with range up to 1,000 ft. from transmitter (wireless extender)
  • Thirteen (18) melodies to choose from; choose one (1) per zone

Wireless Doorbell Extender Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 2.00” (L) x 2.00” (W) x 0.50” (D)
  • Wires onto wired doorbell terminal screws (front door, 2nd door, common)
  • Two door capable (one sound for front door, second sound for second door)
  • Powered by CR123A lithium battery with 2 year life expectancy
  • Low battery indicator–signals receiver when battery is weak
  • Works with 9-18V AC wired door chime/doorbells; (does not work with intercoms)
  • Mounts adjacent to wired doorbell using included mounting hardware

Additional information


Safeguard Supply


Safeguard Supply – LRA Series

Complete Kit




Wireless Features

C-Form Relays
Flashing Strobe
Visual Indicator
Volume Control

Wireless Range

1000 ft.

Best Use

Large Homes – Medium Sized Business
Residential Home Use

Sensor Type

Push Button

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
R.A. (Punta Gorda, US)
Looks perfect

We are updating our kitchen and when we put in a new doorbell this extender we go right beside it. Now we’ll be able to hear the bell from out back.

J.L.K. (Shawnee, US)
doorbell alert

The doorbell extender and wireless remote vibrator alert work very well. I engineered my existing doorbell button to energize my present system plus a new add-on second system to alert me further inside the home and that system also triggered the new remote wireless system to notify me when out in the back yard. It all works perfect

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