Digi-WAVE Digital Listening System One-Way Communication

Digi-WAVE Digital Listening System One-Way Communication

The DWS-PCS-1 is a complete digital listening system from Williams Sound. It was designed to reduce background noise and compensate for poor room acoustics or distance from the sound source. The Digi-WAVE allows for simultaneous one-way communication where one person speaks and one or more people listen. Additional receivers are needed if there is more than 1 person listening. It plays a key role in enhancing communication in classrooms, meetings, or TV enjoyment.

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Do you wish you could hear the TV better without disturbing others by turning it up too loud? Or do you need to be able to hear a speaker better in a classroom or meeting setting?

The digital listening system from Williams Sound comes with 1 DLT-100 Digi-WAVE Digital Listening System Transceiver, 1 DLR-50 Digi-WAVE Digital Listening System Receiver, 1 MIC-090 Lapel Clip Microphone, 1 EAR-041 Single Isolation Earbud, 1 CCS-044 Digi-WAVE Transceiver Silicone Skin, and 1 CCS-043 Leatherette Carry Case. The system will provide crystal clear audio that you can easily hear and understand. The DLT-100 will send an audio signal up to 200 ft indoors and 100 ft outdoors to the DLR-50 receiver. The receiver features a bright and clear LED display so you can easily make sure you are on the appropriate channel. The system comes with patented interference reduction technology to provide an ultra secure communication system.

  • 200 ft range indoors/ 100 ft range outdoors
  • Crystal clear LED display
  • Clear and crisp audio signal
  • Multiple channel selections
  • Expandable
  • DLR-50 powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • DLT-100 uses an internal rechargable battery
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

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Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 x 8 x 3 in


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