Honeywell RCWL3500 Decorative Wireless Door Chime w/ 440ft. Range

Honeywell RCWL3500 Decorative Wireless Door Chime w/ 440ft. Range


Modern in design, long range with eight different tunes make these wireless door chimes by Honeywell stand out from the pack.  This product ships with one receiver and one push button.

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Do You Need  High Powered Wireless Door Chime Kit with A Range of 450 ft. But Looks Modern and Stylish?  If so, we have the right products for you in the Honeywell RCWL3500 series of wireless door chime products.  Available in 6 different styles to suite just about every decorator’s needs, there is even an unfinished wood version you can paint or stain.

The style of these chimes is what the casual observer would say separated them from the competition, but after a quick look you’ll see the features of these wireless door chimes are the real differentiators.  Most feature a clean, modern design with wood or colored plastic base and a glass cover with accent inserts.

A common problem faced by most wireless door chime manufacturers is marrying stylish design with functionality.  We have pointed out in blog articles on this site that wireless products face a challenge because you cannot add stylish materials as they will sometimes interfere with the wireless functionality.

The kit ships with one battery powered door chime receiver and one wireless push button transmitter.  The range of this product, from the transmitter to receiver is up to 450 ft., which will be more than enough for most residential installations and many commercial applications.

The receiver in this kit will work with up to six wireless push buttons.  With the capability to play up to 7 different tunes, you can set each push button to a different tune allowing you to determine which door the visitor is at.

The receiver features a volume control knob to so you can adjust the volume for you needs and a unique mounting system that allows you to mount them horizontally or vertically, whichever you want.

The push button features a red LED that serves as a notification that a signal is being transmitted, as well as a low-battery indicator, notifying you the batteries are weak.

  • Available in six different finishes and/or colors
  • Range from transmitter to receiver of up to 450 ft.  Building materials such as metal, concrete, stucco, etc. may cut down on wireless signal range
  • Receiver will play 6 different tunes you can pair to a respective push button
  • Works with up to 6 different push buttons
  • Receiver features adjustable volume control for easy adjustment
  • Low battery indicator on wireless push button
  • CD quality sound
  • You can mount the receiver on the wall horizontally or vertically
  • Ships with one push button and one receiver
  • Push button powered by 1 x RC2032 battery (included) and receiver is powered by 4 x C sized batteries (not included)
  • Manyfactured by Honeywell
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

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Wireless Features


Wireless Range

450 ft.

Finish Option

Brushed Nickel
Brushed Nickel/Glass/Teal
Stained Oak/Brass Medallions/Glass
Stained Oak/Brushed Nickel
Stained Oak/Glass

Battery Or Plug In

Battery Operated Receiver

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