DCRH-2500 Dakota Alert Rubber Hose Driveway Alert Kit-2500 Ft. Range

DCRH-2500 Dakota Alert Rubber Hose Driveway Alert Kit-2500 Ft. Range

Want the benefit of a traditional rubber hose signal bell kit coupled with the wireless range of new technology?  Look no further than the DCRH-2500 by Dakota Alerts. This kit features a rubber hose sensor set and a plug-in receiver.

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The reliability of a traditional rubber hose signal bell kit just married the cutting edge technology of wireless driveway alarms and it is called the DCRH-2500 by Dakota Alert.

Simply stretch out the supplied 25 ft. or rubber hose across the driveway or road, then plug-in the supplied receiver up to 2,500 feet away, and you will receive notifications when a vehicle rolls over the rubber hose.

The transmitter operates on one 9-volt battery and has 25′ of 3/8″ diameter exterior hose that will lie across the drive. When a vehicle drives over the hose, a signal will be sent to the DCR-2500 receiver up to 1/2 miles away*.

The transmitter is weatherproof and meant for exterior locations. Up to 4 zones can be monitored with additional transmitters. The transmitters can be programmed so they will each sound a different tone at the receiver.

The DCR-2500 is the receiver for the DCRH-2500 system. The DCR-2500 plugs into a standard wall outlet and can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall. When the receiver gets a signal from the transmitter, one of four different tones (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, or Whistle) will sound for a few seconds. There is also a volume control, allowing you to set the sound to the desired level.

The DCR-2500 is equipped with four form “C” relays (one for each zone), and one 12-volt DC output terminal that will activate for several seconds when a signal is received. The receiver can be user-programmed, so the 12-volt DC terminal and relays can be set to activate for 1 second, 10 seconds, 60 seconds or 10 minutes, if this is desired. The tones will still sound for several seconds.

A great example of where this product may be used could be a large shipping facility.  When a delivery truck pulls up to your warehouse loading door, an alert is generated for the front office.  A local concrete delivery company uses this product to notify them when a large concrete truck pulls up.  Rather than wasting time, making the driver park and find you, use this kit and you will immediately know when he or she has arrived.

Simply stretch the hose over the driveway, install a battery into the wireless transmitter located on the end of the hose, and plug-in the receiver.  When a car or truck drives over the hose, the transmitter will send a signal to the receiver.  The receiver has four zones allowing you to pair rubber hoses and transmitter to a specific zone.  Each zone will play a unique sound.

This kit is compatible with the Dakota 2500 series of products, including the long range push button, door/window contact, driveway sensor, and motion detector.

  • Kit ships with 25 ft., 3/8” rubber hose with wireless transmitter on the end of the hose, and 1 x plug-in reciever.
  • Receiver capable of four zones (unique sound for each zone).  Compatible 2500 series of transmitters and additional receivers allows you to expand the capability of the product.
  • Receiver features 4 c-relays (one for each zone) which allow you to integrate it with other devices such as alarm systems, sirens, strobe lights, etc., and one live 12DC output.
  • Operating temperature range is -30 F to 120 F.
  • Transmitter will send signal up to 2,500 ft. to sensor.  Environmental factors may diminish range.
  • Transmitter is weatherproof and designed for outdoor use.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Dakota Alerts 2500 Series




kit or accessory


wireless features

Volume Control, Expandable, Multi-Zone, Live 12V DC Output, C-Form Relays

wireless range

2500 ft.

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