DCR-2500 Dakota Alert Long Range Wireless Multi Zone Receiver

DCR-2500 Dakota Alert Long Range Wireless Multi Zone Receiver


wireless drivway alarm receiver for 2500 series

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The DCR-2500 is a receiver compatible with the Dakota Alert 2500 series of products.  The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and will play one of four tones when triggered by a compatible transmitter/sensor.  The receiver plays at approximately 85 dB and has a volume control knob that allows you turn the volume all the way down or all the way up.

The receiver gets a wireless signal from a compatible receiver such as the driveway alert sensor, a outdoor rated motion-based sensor, a door/window magnetic contact, or a push button.   Simply match the dip switches on the transmitter/sensor to the dip switches on the receiver’s zone, and each triggered sensor will make the receiver play a distinct sound (scroll below to hear available sounds).

Let’s say you have a large warehouse with two entry doors, and you would like to place a wireless push button outside the door.  For the first push button, the UT-2500,   on your exterior door you can associate it with Zone 1 on the receiver, and when triggered it will play the “Classical” sound.  For a second door you can place another push button outside and associate it with zone 2 and it will play the “Westminster” melody.

You can use this receiver to expand your existing system.  For example, if you are using the WDK-2500-STROBE Warehouse Doorbell Kit and need to put a receiver in more than one location, the DCR-2500 is the desktop version of the receiver you would purchase.  If you have an existing system and need to replace a receiver, this is a replacement part.


  • The receiver must be paired with a compatible transmitter.
  • The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Receiver has four zones.  Transmitters/sensors are paired into a respective zone.
  • Each zone plays a distinct tone/melody
  • Receiver may be placed up to 2500 feet from the compatible transmitter
  • There is a c-relay available for each zone, as well as one live 12V DC output you can pair to a zone
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sound level is approximately 85 dB.

Listed to the DCR-2500 Receiver Sounds

Additional information


Dakota Alerts 2500 Series




Dakota Alerts

Kit Or Accessory

Receiver Only

Wireless Features

C-Form Relays
Live 12V DC Output
Visual Indicator
Volume Control

Wireless Range

2500 ft.

Customer Reviews

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DCR-2500 Dakota Alert Long Range Wireless Multi Zone Receiver


unit works as expected...better than expected in fact!


Great product. I have three units (different residences in one grouping) with three transmitters ,transmitting to each receiver. Best price and extremely fast service. I highly (and frequently) recommend Dakota Alert and 1800 Doorbell.

Great product and customer service

Great product and customer service

Our office is 13,000 Sq.

Our office is 13,000 Sq. ft. and the 4 receivers are working perfectly!

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