HC-CONTEGOKIT Comfort Audio Contego Basic Multi-User Listening System


This multi-user listening system was designed to make it easier for businesses to implement ADA compliant equipment. This system uses a wireless high defenition FM to transmit over multiple secure channels. The system will eliminate brackground to provide the user with a crisp and clear sound that is easy to hear. This system will work with out without hearing aids as it either comes with headphones or a T-coil inductive neckloop.

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Does your business currently fall short of the ADA compliant guidelines? Have you been wanting to meet this requirements but were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products out there? Luckily we offer you the HC-CONTEGOKIT from Comfort Audio.

The Contego HC-CONTEGOKIT is a basic multi-user listening system designed by Comfort Audio. It is a HD, FM digital wireless listening system. The kit will deliver clear and crisp sounds to the listener while eliminating background noises. The Contego will transmit an encrypted signal over secured coded channels. The system also offers portability on top of its many other features. The listening devices weigh in at just 2 oz and they will receiver a signal from the transmitter up to 75 ft away. The listening devices, or receivers, are easily paired with the transmitter by sending a coded signal to the receiver. The listening device can also be used as your own personal amplifier so you can better hear enviromental sounds such as the television or the doorbell ringing.

This kit comes with: 1 Contego Transmitter, 3 Contego Receivers, 3 Headphones, 3 Neckloops, 1 Sound Kit/Audio Cable, 2 Charge Units, 1 Manual, and it all comes neately packed in a high impact, lockable aluminum case with expansion slots.

  • 75 ft range
  • Comes with rechargable lithium ion batteries
  • Battery life of up to 16 hrs
  • 30 available channels
  • Easy to use system
  • Listening device doubles as a personal amplifier
  • Expandable
  • Sleek modern style
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

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