CAT-RC Acanthus Leaf w/ Tubes on Side & Renaissance Crackle Finish Wired Doorbell

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Another soon to be classic wired doorbell by Craftmade.  With a Acanthus Leaft hand carved into the resin cover and a tube on each side, this is a true functional work of art.

If you haven’t done so already, click on the image thumnail below the main image to see a full-sized, zoomed version of this chime to fully appreciate how nice it actually is.  

Acanthus is one of the most common leaves used in ornamentation and is found in the Mediterranean species of the “Acanthus Spinosus.”  In ancient Greece, the Acanthus ornament design is featured on many capital buildings and the oldest example is found in the Temple of Apollo in Arcadia.

The Acanthus ornamental leaf is represented here hand carved into a resin cover and painted with a renaissance crackle paint.  To top it off, the base has a brass tube, painted in renessaince crackle attached to each side as well.

This beautiful leaf and scroll design comes hand-painted with a renaissance crackle finish.  A two note chime for the front door and a single note for a secondary door.  This is a hard wired doorbell and a 16 volt transformer is recommended.

Hear the 2-Note Sound Played by This Chime

  • Craftmade
  • Classic Chime with Leaf Design and Scroll Work
  • Grille Dimensions 8.25”x8.75”x2.75”
  • Housing Dimensions 7.0×5.0x2.25
  • Hangs vertically
  • 2 notes front door; 1 note second door
  • Resin outer cabinet
  • 16v transformer required
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