CAR-RC Recessed Wired Chime w/ Detail Carving & Crackle Finish

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Detailed scroll work on the front grill with a hand painted crackle finish provide a note of old-world-charm to this recessed mounted wired doorbell by Craftmade.

We often comment on this doorbell because of how elegant and beautiful it is, and also how downright heavy it is.  That’s because of the quality craftmanship that goes into this chime by Craftmade.

The front grill on this chime’s cabinet features an acanthus leaf scroll work designed in a durable resign and hand-painted with a renaissance crackle finish.

This is a recessed wired chime where the grill should be the element displayed.  The chime plays a 2 note chime for the front door and a single note for a secondary door.  I don’t think the photo does this product justice.  If you think it’s attractive now, you will be blown away once it’s in your hands.  A doorbell that is truly pleasing to the eye and the ears!

Hear the 2-Note Sound Played by This Chime

  • Craftmade
  • Handpainted crackle finish
  • Hangs horizontally or vertically and cabinet should be recessed mounted
  • Requires 16V transformer
  • Grill Dimensions: Height  7.50 x Width  9.625 x Depth .50″
  • Housing Dimensions: Height 7.0″ x Width 5.0″ xDepth 2.25″
  • 2 notes for front door and 1 note for secondary door
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