BBA-2500 Dakota Alert Solar Power Break Beam Sensor Entry Alert Kit

BBA-2500 Dakota Alert Solar Power Break Beam Sensor Entry Alert Kit


This break beam system is a wireless solar powered device. The sensors can be mounted up to 300 ft apart. They will transmit a signal up to 2500 ft to the receiver. Since the sensors are a point-to-point type sensor, they will not detect motion outside of the detection beam, making it ideal if you have small animals around your property.  Simply install the sensor higher than normal off the ground. This will help avoid detection of those small animals,  falling leaves and birds.

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We cannot think of a better product to use if you need to monitor a large area like a parking lot or fenced off area.  By setting up the Break Beam Sensors (BBT-2500) along a perimeter, fence line,  or any other area, you have effectively set up a monitored zone.

When movement passes between the break beam sensors,  an instant alert is sent to the plug-in DCR-2500 receiver providing you a chime alert.

The average residential double car driveway is only about 20-24 ft wide. These sensors can be placed up to 300 ft apart! You can only imagine the capabilities of this device powerful alert system.

Many folks have problems installing entrance chimes on their property because other products may require running electrical to the sensors impracticable for many businesses.  Since break beam sensors are solar powered, there are no worries about replacing the batteries in the device. The lithium ion batteries recharge throughout the day using solar power.

Kit ships with:1 x set of BBT-2500 sensors, 1 x DCR-2500 Plug-in receiver.

  • Attached solar panels recharge included lithium ion batteries during the day.
  • Kit includes 1 set of BBT transmitters (two pieces makes 1 set) and 1 x plug-in receiver.
  • Transmitters may be set up at a maximum of 300 feet apart.
  • Up to 4 sets of BBT’s transmitters can be paired to one DCR-2500 receiver.
  • Transmitters may be flat mounted or mounted on a pole using supplied mounting brackets.
  • Transmitters send a wireless signal up to 2,500 feet away to DCR-2500 receiver.

DCR-2500 Receiver:

This is the receiver shipped with this kit.  The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet.  A volume control knob on the back of the receiver controls volume and can be turned all the way down.

The receiver also features 4 x “C” relays allowing integration with third party devices such as alarm systems, gate openers, intercoms, and more.

Expand Your Entrance Chime with Other Dakota Alerts 2500 Products:

This product is that it belongs to the Dakota Alerts 2500 series of products.  Not only can you add more break beam sensor sets (BBT-2500) and receivers (DCR-2500) you can add PIR based driveway sensors (DCMT-2500), magnetometer based probes (DCP-2500), or universal transmitters (UT-2500).

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Dakota Alert 2500 Series




Dakota Alert

Kit Or Accessory


Wireless Features

C-Form Relays
Live 12V DC Output
Volume Control

Wireless Range

2500 ft.

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