AV-200 Rodann Electronics Hard Wired Entrance Alert Set PIR Sensor

AV-200 Rodann Electronics Hard Wired Entrance Alert Set PIR Sensor


The AV-200 is a hard-wired entrance alert kit for those who do not want to use a wireless notification system. Similar to the popular DA50L-A, this kit uses a passive infrared sensor (PIR) that triggers a chime alert when heat and movement are detected. Wired to the sensor is a speaker-chime-box that plays a chime sound when triggered. This kit has everything you need to install, operate, and maintain the system. Great for doors that remain opened, or hallways.  Reliability and ease of installation makes this a great product to improve customer service and increase safety.

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Hard Wired Entrance Alert

The AV-200 is an easy to use wired entrance alert specifically designed for convenience stores, retail stores & businesses that want to be notified of customers, but don’t want to change batteries.  This is because the AV-200 is a simple to install wired entry alert with a PIR (motion) based motion sensor that you mount over an area, which is usually on top of a door.  Then, when a visitor enters, the motion triggers the wired chime to play a gentle ding sound.

Improve customer service and be instantly alerted to customers, visitors or deliveries and never worry about changing batteries again.  Plug in the AV-200 hard wired entrance alert system and start being  alerted.  The AV-200 utilizes a PIR motion detector that picks up the heat & motion of people walking through your door and will sound either a ‘Ding’ or Ding-Dong’ (selectable) through a speaker (with volume control) that wires into the terminals located on the motion detector . The unit is a DC system that is powered by a plug-in transformer (included).

Can I Add to the AV-200 Kit?

The kit comes with 50′ of double strand wire that you will use to connect the sensor to the transformer and the speaker to the sensor.   For optimal performance, do not use more than 100 ft. of wire from the sensor to the speaker.  You can also purchase an add-on speaker below and connect this add-on speaker to the first speaker that comes in the kit.  When using 2 x speakers, it is recommended not to extend either connection (sensor to speaker 1 and speaker 1 to speaker 2) past 50 feet each.  This will ensure you receive a loud, quality rich sound.

  • No batteries to replace – completely wired system
  • Easy to self install uncomplicated wiring – no need to hire an electrician or contractor
  • Complete Set Includes: 4 3/8″ X 2 7/8″
    • PIR Motion Detector
    • 1 Speaker 3 1/2″ X # 1/2″
    • 50′ Wire
    • AC Power Adapter – Class 2 power supply, Input: 100-240Vac 50-60Hz Output: 12Vdc 0.5A 6VA ETL listed
  • Operates up to 2 speakers & a push button/buzzer
  • Universal mounting bracket allows for easy ceiling, wall or side mounting.
  • Fully automatic and maintenance free (no reflectors or controls to align).
  • One year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.
  • Select from ‘ding’ or ‘ding-dong’
  • Prevents unannounced entry
  • Helps control theft

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