Skylink AA-433 Audio Alarm Skylink Security System Alarm System

Skylink AA-433 Audio Alarm Skylink Security System Alarm System

Do you have a security system but have trouble hearing it?  The AA-433 is an audio alarm by Skylink which may be used in alarm mode or chime mode to notify a listener when a sensor is triggered.

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Would you like a simple system that has a sensor, such as a flood sensor, motion sensor, door/window contact, and more that triggers this 110dB Audio Alarm when in “Alarm Mode,” or emits a gentle chime notification when set to chime mode?  Or maybe you want to extend the listening range of your current Skylink Home Security system?  If so, the AA-433 is a great accessory. 

Skylink has manufactured the AA-433 as a loud extension to their SC-10, SC-100, and SC-1000 Home Security Alarm systems or for use in a variety of compatible sensors.

Here are some of the typical scenarios our customers have used the AA-433 for:

-Use the AA-433 to sound a loud alarm when water is detected from something like a hot water heater.

-Use a door/window contact to trigger the audio alarm to sound when a storage closet is opened

-Users want to hear the chime sound from their Skylink home security system or have a loud alarm sound when they are out in their work shed away from the main product.

This audio alarm is capable of working with up to 15 different Skylink sensors like flood sensors, motion sensors, garage door sensors, and more.  For specific compatibility please refer to the user manual for this product.

The alarm is powered by a plug-in A/C adapter (supplied) and one 9-V battery used as a backup (installed).

This unit is also water resistant.  If mounting it outdoors, please make sure you have it positioned so the A/C adapter wire does not drip water into the A/C adapter plug.

Unit ships with:

  • 1 Antenna
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 9-Volt Battery
  • 1 AA-433 Audion Alarm

AA-433 Audio Alarm by Skylink Features:

  • Operates as a primary control unit with three modes: Off, Chime & Instant
  • Triggered by keychain transmitter (See Remote Transmitters, above).
  • Remote piercing 110dB siren with flashing LED.
  • Adding an extra loud siren to the system is easy with this wireless unit.
  • You can add one or more of these units anywhere within the transmission range of the system console Works in conjunction with up to 15 sensors.
  • Can be used as a second or outdoor siren
  • Water repellent but caution should be taken to ensure water does not drip into the A/C plug
  • Includes a loud 110dB siren with flashing LED 
  • Range up to 100 feet from sensor, when in sensor mode, or from control panel (SC-001) in alarm mode.
  • AC power with included 9-volt alkaline battery backup 
  • Manufactured by Skylink
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

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