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Great for Warehouses, Stores & Business. Strobe Lights, & More.

Our warehouse doorbell kits features optional strobe lights, sirens, bells, & buzzers making them great for loud, large areas.  With almost a mile range, these are the most reliable Doorbells for Business on the market today.  Guaranteed to Work!


Get an Instant Alert When Guest Opens the Door or Add Push Button to Door.

If you are a restaurant, retail shop, or any other businesses, the ERA & LRA line of entry alert notification devices will send an immediate alert sound to one or multiple receivers throughout your facility when a guest opens the door. 


Flashing Door Chimes for Hard of Hearing or Loud Areas.

The LRA-D1000A, LRA-D1000, & WC180 are wireless door chimes designed for residential & business use.  Not only do these wireless doorbells offer a loud sound, the have a very bright, flashing strobe light great for the hard of hearing, or in loud areas.

Featured Door Chimes & Entry Alert Products

These are our most popular doorbells for business, door alarms, door chimes, and driveway alarm products.

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Our top categories are entrance alerts, warehouse doorbells (business door chimes), wired doorbells, wired button, and driveway alarms.

Alerting Solutions for Businesses & Homes

1800doorbell features a variety of solutions for your needs.  We are one of the largest online retailers of wired doorbells & wired push buttons, & specialize in reliable, long range wireless door chimes & entrance alerts exclusively designed for business use.

Alert that send notifications when doors or opened, visitors pass through monitored zones, or customers push an outdoor button, not other products offer this kind of reliable functionality.  All the kits are fully expandable & are guaranteed to work.  Give them a try, especially today when many businesses are keeping their doors closed (or locked), while still needing to offering their products to customers.

Curbside Delivery Pickup Alerts

For restaurants who have curbside delivery, or even have Uber & Door Dash pickups,  our long range wireless products (almost a 1-mile range) allow your customers to press a button when they arrive to pick up there food.  When the customer pushes the button, the plugin receiver in your restaurant sounds a presented chime sound.  These kits are completely expandable, meaning you can add more push buttons, in addition to adding more volume controlled receivers.  These work great for delivers too your restaurant as well. 

Warehouses, Shops, & Large Business Areas

Safeguard Supply has a series of long range wireless door chime & entry alert kits specifically designed for larger spaces.  These products work great in warehouses, shops and stores that can be loud.   Use with a outdoor push button, door contact, or motion sensor.

Flashing Door Chimes for Hard of Hearing

Sometimes it's hard to hear a door chime in your home, shop or office.  Whether you are hard of hearing or work in a loud environment, offers a variety of wireless door chimes, entrance alerts, & driveway alarms that feature a receiver with a bright flashing strobe light.  In addition to volume control, these receivers offer a mode for the strobe light.  The LRA-D1000 is a plug in receiver is one of our best sellers.

Driveway Alarms Detect When a Car or Person Enters Your Driveway

Immediate detection when a car, or person, enters your driveway, dock doors, parking lot, or other monitored area.  Products with wireless ranges from 1,000 ft. - 4,000 ft., these products offer security, as well as the ability for businesses to keep bay doors closed & not miss deliveries.

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