16V 30VA Wired Doorbell Transformer- Great for Video Doorbells & Multi Chime Installations


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When you need a higher powered, wired doorbell transformer, the 30TR by Newhouse is a great choice.  Most wired doorbell transformers are 16V, 10VA which are fine for most transitional wired doorbells in a home.   These are your typical wired doorbell transformers that play a standard, "ding-dong" chime sound when a visitor pushes the doorbell button located outside.  However, for products like the video doorbell camera (and other versions) the amperage and VA requirements may put too much strain on a 10VA wired doorbell transformer, especially if you are using a video doorbell in conjunction with a standard wired doorbell.

In addition, when you have a very long doorbell wire run, or are using a more sophisticated wired doorbell, stronger doorbell, one with more amperage such as the 30TR is necessary.   The 30TR by Newhouse provides the power you will need.  At 30VA, it will provide the amperage you will need for video doorbells + a standard doorbell, or for multi-wired doorbell chimes in your home or office.

  • 16 Watt
  • 10VA
  • Input 120V 60hz
  • Indoor rated
  • Manufactured by Newhouse
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty (additional year available when registering the product, see insert for more details)
  • UL Listed

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