Christmas Tree Shaped Ornament Turns Lights On/Off

A Simple Touch to Turn Your Lights On & Off

Don’t crawl under your Christmas tree anymore to turn the lights on and off.  Using the 1225L, simple touch this brass colored ornament and your lights will turn on and off.

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Stop crawling under your tree to turn Christmas lights on or off!

Hang this attractive ornament on your tree and then simply plug your Christmas tree light string into the other end and you are ready to amaze!  Now you have an easy to use touch control system for your Christmas lights. Touch the ornament and your lights come on, touch it again and the lights turn off.

The ornament is solid brass and is shaped like a tree. To most passerby’s, the ornament will look exactly like a regular ornament. Only you know that you can simply touch the ornament to turn the lights on or off.

How to install the product:

Simply hang the ornament on the tree. Plug the end of the ornament’s cord into a standard wall outlet or power strip. Finally, plug your lights into the opposite end of the ornament plug.

*User tip: Don’t tell your kids about the touch feature!

Controls up to 1,200 miniature lights and a total wattage maximum of 600.

  • Easy to use — simply tap the ornament to turn lights on and off 
  • Powers up to 1,200 mini lights (a max of 600 watts)
  • Listed by UL for United States and Canada 
  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • Manufactured by Carlon, a Thomas & Betts company
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

Additional information

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions5.1 x 1.51 x 7.1 in



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I love the item it's so easy to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off and I think the service...

I love the item it's so easy to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off and I think the service that I experience through 1800 doorbell was impeccable and I would do business with them again