XL150D Wireless Rotary Dimmer

Wireless Rotary Dimmer Model XL150D

Manufacturer: Xodus Innovations
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5 Star Rating
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Wireless Rotary Dimmer
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A customer called the other day and told me we need to do a better job advertising this product because it is awesome! He had bought a knock off brand at a home improvement box store retailer and he said there was no comparison, the XL150D blew it away.

With zero wiring required, installation is a breeze. All that you need to do is swrew it into the lamp and adjust the dimmer knob. Easy and convenient!

  • No wiring needed. Simply screw into lamp.
  • Turn dimmer knob to adjust light level.
  • Use with 120V AC
  • 150 Watts Max
  • Use incandescent bulbs only
  • UL Listed
  • One year manufacturer's warranty


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5 Star Rating
Better than Home Depot Version
I found a similar type product at Home Depot and bought it b/c I searched and searched to find the actual xl150d and could not. The Home Depot version was not good. The rotary dialer was too tight and when I twisted it, I almost knocked the lamp over. Thank goodness I found it here. I love this product. You guys need to do a better job advertising it!

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