CHG-102 Digi-WAVE two-bay charger
CHG-102 Digi-WAVE two-bay charger

Digi-WAVE two-bay charger Model CHG-102

Manufacturer: Williams Sound
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Digi-WAVE two-bay charger
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Sometimes having a single charger just isn't enough, especially if you have many products that need to be charged on a regular basis. The Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Two-Way Battery Charger is the solution to your problems, allowing you to charge multiple Williams Sound products at the same time. It's really that easy — simply insert your Williams Sound devices directly into the charger, sit back and relax as the Two-Way Battery Charger knocks out double the workload of a normal charger.

Imagine all the things you could accomplish with that extra time. It's now possible with this Two-Way Battery Charger.

The William Sound Digi-WAVE Two-Way Battery Charger is compatible with the following products:

  • DLR 60
  • DLR 60 2.0
  • DLT 100
  • DLT 100 2.0

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