CCS-044 Digi-WAVE Transceiver Silicone Skins
CCS-044 Digi-WAVE Transceiver Black Silicone Skin CCS-044 Digi-WAVE Transceiver Gray Silicone Skin

Digi-WAVE Transceiver Silicone Skins Model CCS-044

Manufacturer: Williams Sound
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Black Digi-WAVE Transceiver Silicone Skin
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Accessories & Variations:
Gray Digi-WAVE Transceiver Silicone Skin
$13.60 $11.99

You know how fun it is to pick out a phone case that suits your unique personality. Now, you can do the same for your DLT-100 DigiWAVE device! Manufactured by Williams Sound, the CCS-044 Digi-WAVE Transceiver Silicone Skins are made specifically for the transceivers that come with your Digi-WAVE Tour Guide System or Digi-Wave Listening System

Not only do these silicone skins provide a sleek look, but they also help to protect your Williams Sound transceivers from dirt, grime and other debris. Available in either Black or Gray, these silicone skins are also equipped with 1 lanyard and 1 wrist strap in each package.

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