BL-6132-WH Wireless Remote Control Kit
BL-6132-WH Wireless Remote Control Kit

Wireless Remote Control Kit Lets You Remotely Control Indoor And Outdoorl Lights Without Wiring. Model BL-6132-WH

Manufacturer: Heath Zenith
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Wireless Remote Control Kit
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Whether you want wireless control over and indoor or outdoor outlet, the BL-6132 is here. The kit includes both an indoor and outdoor receiver. The two receivers can work together or independently. The remote is set up to control two systems.

The remote for the BL-6132 is able to turn on and off the outdoor and indoor light independentely. Installation of the device is as easy as plugging the unit into your electrical outlet, then plug in whatever you wish to control into the unit. The outdoor device will control 960W of incandescent and fluorescent lighting. The indoor device will control 500W of incandescent lighting or 300W of fluorescent lighting. You can use the kit as a set or set the up to work independently of each other.

  • Kit contains 1 x remote control, 1 x indoor and outdoor receiver, 1 x indoor plug-in receiver
  • Included/outdoor receiver
    • Capable of controlling up to 960W of incandescent and fluroescent lighting
    • Rated for 120VA/60Hz supply voltage
    • Up to 13 AMPs maximum resistive load
    • Up to 1/3 Hp maximum motor load
    • Up to 90 W electical ballas (flourescent)
    • No wiring required
  • Indoor receiver controls 500W of incandescent lighting or 300W of fluorescent lighting
  • 50-foot range
  • The remote control requires an A23 12-volt alkaline battery
  • The battery will typically last around a year
  • Will turn lights on and off
  • Remote measures:  1.25"D x 1.5"W x 3.25"H
  • Outdoor receiver measures: 1.25"D x 2.625"W x 4.75"H
  • Indoor receiver measures: 1.25"D x 2.625"W x 3.25"H
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty 

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