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Long Range Wireless Doorbells Are Great for Business Locations and Larger Homes

The last thing you want to do when you need a doorbell notification system is spend a lot of money and deal with the pain of installation.  Wired doorbells require running wire, installing transformers, and potentially punching through walls--which you do not want to do if you are leasing.  A great solution is to use a wireless door chime.

Our Best Selling Long Range Door Chimes:

  • DC-1000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell is a business class doorbell system with a 1,000 ft. range, and expandable by adding additional wireless buttons and additional receivers. This product is great for customers that need a reliable notification chime for their business.   We use this doorbell on our back warehouse door for notification when deliveries arrive, and we are not readily availalbe in the warehouse.  See the product information below for details.
  • The LH-2500 is a an Extended Range Wireless Door Chime with a range of up to 2,500 ft. from transmitter to receiver is as strong as it gets.  The pushbutton on this product is durable and weatherproof, and may also be used as a door/window contact.  The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and has four zones.  You may also add additional transmitters such as driveway sensors, PIR sensors, and more.  See the product description below for more information about this product.

In the past, wireless door chimes were unreliable for businesses, because most systems where designed for ranges up to 150 feet max.  These systems didn't have the power to penetrate the building materials often associated with commercial locations.

Stop missing deliveries or visitors at your office or shop!

The products located in this category are long range, meaning they have a range from the push button to the receiver greater than the standard 150ft.   These products have a range of 300 ft. at a minimum with one model having a max range of up to 2,500 ft.

If have any questions at all, or need help determining which product is right for your needs, please give us a call at 800-366-7235 and we would be more than happy to help!

DC-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model DC-1000

Stop missing deliveries and visitors to your store or business because your doorbell doesn't have the range you need.   The DC-1000 has the power you need to transmit signals over long distances and penetrate through wall that typical doorbells would bounce off of.  With sixteen melodies and flashing light for one of four available zones, this is a great doorbell for any business owner.

5 Star Rating
$54.98 $45.98
LH-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model LH-2500

The new LH-2500 kit features what I consider some of the finestdoorbell and entrance alert prodcuts available on the market.

The kit features the UT-2500 which is a universal transmitter that works in conjuction with the other Dakota 2500 series products. It also features the DCR-2500 which is the standard receiver for the Dakota 2500 series. The UT-2500 may be used as a doorbell push button and/or a door/window contact that will send a wireless signal up to 2500 feet away to a plug-in receiver (DCR-2500) or a portable receier (PR-2500).

4 Star Rating
$124.98 $119.98
RC3000 Dakota Alerts
Model RC3000

A commercial grade long range wireless doorbell with a range of up to 600 feet.  Great for areas where wiring is too difficult and where you would like to put a doorbell.  Not rated for outdoor use.

Not Yet Rated
$166.35 $110.98
RC4120 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4120

Battery powered wireless door chime (doorbell) with range of 300 ft. and flashing LED light.  If you need  wireless door chime with a little extra range, this is the doorbell for you.  The flashing LED is also great to aid the hearing impaired.

4 Star Rating
$55.98 $46.98
LH2500P Dakota Alerts
Model LH2500P

A long range wireless doorbell with a range of 2500 feet with a rechargeble portable receiver that allows you to roam around your facility.  The kit is expandable with other Dakota Alert 2500 series of products.

Not Yet Rated
$119.98 $103.98
MBA-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model MBA-1000

Wouldn't it be great to be alerted when your mail gets delivered?  Now you can be with this ultra handy wireless mail box alert.

Not Yet Rated
$64.99 $58.99

Wireless doorbells have their advantages. Whether you want a plug-in wireless door chime or wireless doorbell, there are some range limitations. For most homeowners, the wireless products we market in other categories provide more than enough range in the common home.  Business and commercial environments produce some challenges to wireless devices.

long range wireless doorbellThe standard range for a wireless doorbell is approximately 75-150 feet from the pushbutton to the chime. However, sometimes this range is simply not enough, especially in office or industrial settings. A long range, wireless doorbell, offers products with ranges up to 2500 feet, while still offering you the ease and convenience of a quick installation.

    -Is your business missing deliveries from UPS or FedEx?  
    -If you are keeping your business doors locked, do you have a quality door chime for visitors to ring?
    -Is running wire for a wired door bell simply not possible?

Wireless long range doorbells are easy and quick to install, allowing you the flexibility of placing them anywhere you need to in your home. Add a doorbell to a garage, workshop, or basement in minutes. Wireless chimes are also an efficient and attractive way to replace a broken chime without a fuss. They are an excellent solution for back doors where your business receives deliveries.

For help deciding on which long range chime will best fit your needs, please take a moment to visit our long range doorbell reviews page for customer insites into our top performers.

The DC-1000 Wireless Doorbell is one of our best wireless doorbells, allowing you to choose up to 16 different tones to alert you to visitors. There is even an option to attach as many as FOUR different push buttons using different tunes with a single DC-1000 base, so you can be alerted to which push button is activated. The push button operates on one CR-2450 (included) and the base operates on 3 "C" cell batteries (not included.)

To understand these products are little more, below is a quick explanation of their configurations to use a quick reference.

DC-1000 - This is a standard wireless kit, as it comes complete with a pushbutton and receiver.  The kit is expandable by adding pushbuttons and receivers.  It plays 13 different melodies and has a range of up to 1,000 feet.  This product is powered by C-sized alkaline batteries, and a plug-in transformer is also available if you do not want to depend on batteries.

The RC3000 and LH3000P are product kits we have created for our customers.  The push button featured in both of these kits is the UC-3000 by Dakota Alert.  This is a "universal transmitter" which may be used as a push-button as well as a window/door contact device.  Another unique feature of this pushbutton is that it features "dry contact" c-relays for integration with other devices.  The receiver featured in the RC3000 kit is the Dakota Alert WR-3000, which is a plug-in receiver compatible with the push button featured in this set, as well as other Dakota products in their 3000 series.

The LH3000P features a portable receiver, the Dakota Alert PR-3000 as the receiver.  This enables you to have mobility around your facility, or you can set it on your desktop.  The PR-3000 ships with an installed rechargeable battery recharged by the included plug-in transformer.  The range of both the LH3000P and the RC3000 is up to 650 ft., which is the distance from the transmitter to the receiver.

The RC4100 is a kit by Carlon, a Thomas & Betts company.  This kit ships with a wireless pushbutton (battery installed) and a battery operated receiver.  This kit has a range of up to 300 ft.  It is important to note that this kit is also cross-compatible with all the Carlon/Thomas and Betts wireless chime products.

The LH-2500 is our newest addition to the longer range doorbell systems featured on 1800doorbell.com.  Similar to the RC3000 and LH3000P, this kit combines two Dakota Alert products and packages them into a full kit.  The pushbutton/transmitter in this kit is the UC-2500.  This is a Universal Transmitter that may function as a push button and/or a door-window contact device.  The transmitter sends a wireless signal to the plugin DCR-2500 up to 2500 ft. away from the transmitter.  Like the other two Dakota Alert kits mentioned above, the products featured in this kit are compatible with other products in the 25000 series by Dakota Alert.